Monday, April 22, 2024

Latrax Rally by Traxxas – RC Quick Drive PT1

For its price, the ready to run Latrax Rally by Traxxas is an absolute deal for small scale on-road fun. We spent a lot of time wheeling this mini RC a while back when we tested it and as of recent it’s been sitting idle while we took on other projects. But it’s time to break it back out for some fun and build it up as a project. We want to turn this budget RTR into a Mini Road Warrior. We already have a bunch of option parts on hand and we’ve decided to give the Latrax Rally the RC Quick Drive treatment. This car will be upgraded over a series of videos, each video focusing on just one hop-up part. This way you get to see the part up close in case you’re interested in adding it to your Latrax Rally car.

Product: Rally
By: LaTrax
Part Number: 75054-5
Price Range: $109.99-$119 (depending on purchase location)
Link: https://latrax.com/products/rally

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