Saturday, June 15, 2024

LaTrax Readies Some Bling for the Teton

The cool little Teton from the people over at LaTrax is about to get even cooler with the release of three sweet new option parts.

Up first is a silky smooth set of PTFE-coated hard-anodized threaded-aluminum shocks. They are available in a set of four and will cost round about $65.

LaTrax Teton Aluminum SHocks

They also have eye-catching wheel nuts that are available in red, blue, green and orange to match all the RTR paint schemes LaTrax has to offer. A set of four is just $15.

LaTrax Teton Wheel Nots

Lastly is a set of blue anodized aluminium driveshafts. Sold in pairs, they are lightweight, high strength and cost $20.

LaTrax Teton Wheel Nots

Check out www.latrax.com for more info.



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