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Losi LMT Bog Hog Mega Truck Overview

Losi is at it again and this time they dropped the LMT Bog Hog Mega Truck found here: https://bit.ly/3AgJLqU This exciting new release based on the LMT is just what we needed, a truck built for lots of action and lots of flying mud. Losi teamed up with the Anderson’s to replicate the Bog Hog and King Sling full-scale mega trucks. With licensed designs, the offerings look incredible. But the Losi team didn’t just slap a body and tires on and call it a day. They made some changes to the LMT platform so the truck can handle it’s new duties. In this overview we will show you some of the changes made to this truck and  other features may catch your interest.

Losi LMT Bog Hog

Losi LMT Bog Hog Mega Truck
Dist. By: Horizon Hobby
Part Number: LOS04024T1, LOS04024T2
Type: 1/10 4×4 Brushless Mega Truck
Kit Type: RTR
Price: $649.99
Buy: https://bit.ly/3AgJLqU
You’ll need: 2, 3, or 4S LiPo and Charger
New Losi Website: https://www.losi.com/

OUR VIDEO: https://youtu.be/3Eq51_Wdf1M

Spektrum S2200 Charger- https://bit.ly/3PbzMY5
Spektrum 4S LiPo- https://bit.ly/3SISx83
Spektrum 3S LiPo- https://bit.ly/3pinpP7


Topping off the Losi LMT Mega Truck are two different body options. Obviously we have the Bog Hog here, but the King Sling verion from the Anderson line-up is also available. The lexan body is prepainted and decaled from the factory with clear windows thankfully. The rear bed pieces are lexan too which we suspect will look well abused after just a few bashes. Nonetheless, the body looks great and is even fitted with LED lights. Additional support for the body as well as protection for the chassis is provided by an inner cage.


At first glance the chassis may look similar to the LMT MT with just a color change, but a tweak has been made. First up the chassis plates are powder coated either orange or green depending on the truck you get. The change however is in the front plates. They are shorter in the nose section and will hopefully be less likely to bend in a crash. A new battery tray has been fitted in the chassis and allows for a wider range of batteries to be used and easily secured.


This new version of the LMT platform has a longer wheelbase and that was accomplished with longer suspension links. Other changes to the suspension include revisions to the shocks. The shock shafts have been updated and now use a lock-nut to secure the piston. Shock shaft guards have also been added to the outside to help deflect debrish away from the shock shafts.


Not much has changed in the driveline in comparison to the LMT MT. The center gearbox still features metal gears and a cush drive to protect them. Composite slider drifeshafts send power to the axles. The axle housings are the Gen2 revised housings with more webbing for support. We still get fluid filled gear differentials front center and rear, ball bearings and metal universals up front.


In this ready to run platform you’ll find all Spektrum support gear. A S614S metal gear servo is mounted up front for steering and is fitted with a servo saver. The included radio is a Spektrum DX3 telemetry radio along with an SR315 receiver. To manage power, a Spektrum Firma 130A brushless ESC sends power to a 2800Kv motor. This system is capable of handling up to 4S!


When the truck arrived, we thought it looked really cool, but it wasn’t until we started squeezing the throttle that the truck really captivated us. This beast has lots of power and it tore through the mud puddles we put in front of it. The few changes although subtle really make for an exciting new truck and we’re hoping it helps develop an additional racing class at MT events. You can see our full feature video on Youtube: HERE


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