Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Losi TLR Tuned LMT 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck Kit

Don’t think that this is just a kit version of the Losi LMT RTR, the new Losi TLR tuned LMT 4WD solid axle monster truck kit includes new TLR parts to give next-level performance and durability.

Losi TLR Tuned LMT 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck Kit


The Losi LMT monster truck platform has earned the admiration of full-scale and RC racing fans alike. Its scale details perfectly capture everything Monster Jam enthusiasts love about the 12,000 pound, 1500 horsepower beasts that race and freestyle at their local stadiums. The Losi development team went to work to improve the race winning pedigree of the LMT and push its performance to an even higher level.

Upgraded with top-of-the-line TLR option parts, this kit checks all of the boxes on the wish lists of RC monster truck fans—especially those who are ultra-competitive racers and those who are drawn to the opportunities and rewards of kit building. The TLR Tuned LMT kit represents the absolute pinnacle of RC solid axle monster truck design, dedicated to winning and to looking good while doing it.

Losi TLR Tuned LMT 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck KitTaking advantage of the TLR brand’s unparalleled racing heritage and expertise, this kit raises the LMT platform to new heights of performance. The lower, shorter stance of its carbon fiber chassis plates reduces weight and allows for more body options to be mounted at a racing stance when assembled. TLR shocks with machined aluminum, hard-anodized shock bodies and caps allow quick ride height adjustments and offer a precise, low friction feel. You can tune the suspension for taking the lead on asphalt, dirt, grass, or other racing surfaces. The kit’s durable aluminum upgrades include front spindles and carriers, rear toe blocks, 4-links, and cross bars.

Losi TLR Tuned LMT 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck KitConsidering all of the improved, race-focused technology in this kit, it’s a smart investment even for competitors who now have a Losi LMT monster truck. Use the electronics from your current truck with this kit and you’ll actually spend less getting a whole new LMT — with the next-level performance and durability you crave — compared to buying parts separately to make the same upgrades on the one you already own.

The Losi TLR Tuned LMT kit is a limited release. No more will be produced after the initial quantity is sold out. Be sure to get yours now to experience the difference that the TLR true passion for racing makes!



  • Racing-focused, weight reducing carbon fiber chassis plates.
  • Longer 15″ wheelbase with shock mountable lower 4-link bars.
  • TLR shocks with machined aluminum, hard-anodized shock bodies and caps.
  • Aluminum spindle carriers and front spindles with larger bearings.
  • Aluminum rear toe blocks with larger bearing for axle support.
  • Aluminum cross bars to minimize flex between the chassis plates.
  • Team Losi Racing inspired helical cut servo saver.
  • Low CG battery tray that accepts “shorty” race packs.
  • Body mounts that provide multiple options for securing your body.

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