Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Machined SCX10 II Steering from SAMIX RC

Looking to add style and performance to the already awesome SCX10 II?  Then check out these sweet machined and anodized steering knuckles from our friends over at SAMIX RC.
1) Anodized for durability in three hot colors – green, black and gun metal
2) High quality POM bearing adapter include
3) Machined from high quality aluminum 
4) All hardware included 
5) SAMIX word etched 
6) Sliver chamfer cutting

1) More strong, more durable
2) Easy to take off 10x15x4 bearing, use standard driver shaft to take off direct fit 
3) Bearing assembly to bearing adapter perfect fit 
4) Brass heavy weight hole was ready for use on SAMIX heavy weight

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