Friday, March 24, 2023

Maintaining Your Vehicle Can Be Easy – Cow RC JetVac

Maintenance is a critical part to keeping your RC machine in top running order. After each racing event or bash session, you should take the time to clean off any dirt and debris. This will help prevent parts from wearing out prematurely. That is where Cow RC comes in. They are the maintenance kings of RC and offer a variety of solutions to clean your RC car. In this video we check out one of their newest products, the Cow RC JetVac. This high-powered cleaning device will blow the dirt right off of your machine AND you have the option to vacuum it off too! The set comes with a variety of hoses and attachments to clean your RC car, equipment, workshop and whatever else you have around the house. Take a look at how well it performs as we clean an Axial SCX10 II covered in dust from Axialfest 2017.

Product: JetVac
By: Cow RC
Part Number: CPP-A65311336
Price: $274.99
Link: https://goo.gl/kULxtU
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