Thursday, March 23, 2023

MaxAmps Metal MaxBox For LiPo Battery Packs

Just released is the MaxAmps Metal MaxBox for LiPo battery packs. A clever idea to add another level of battery safety.

MaxAmps Metal MaxBox For LiPo Battery Packs

MaxAmps Metal MaxBox For LiPo Battery PacksThis full metal box slides like a matchbox and can be used while charging and to store your LiPo batteries. It also makes a great vehicle stand or storage box for other items. While charging, just run your wires out the side of the box and close the MaxBox completely.

MaxAmps Metal MaxBox For LiPo Battery PacksMaxAmps will wrap your MaxBox in any color at no extra charge (pun intended). It’s just 8.5″x2.5″x3.5″ and it is made entirely in Spokane, Washington. The use of a MaxBox does not guarantee protection of surrounding surfaces. It is simply intended to help mitigate the effects of a battery fire. MaxAmps takes no responsibility for effectiveness of the MaxBox during a battery fire. Never charge your batteries unattended. Always keep your LiPo packs in a fireproof area in addition to the use of the MaxBox.

The MaxBox is priced at $29.99 and is included with most MaxAmps LiPo batteries.


For more information, visit: MAXAMPS

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