Sunday, December 10, 2023

MIP Grease and Silicone Diff Lube Kit

MIP - Grease and Silicone Diff Lube Kit_2 copy

Ball differentials are a special kind of finicky to say the least, so building them right the first time is important; and to do so you must have the proper raw materials like Silicone Grease and Moly Lube Grease. MIP’s 30 plus years in the Ball Diff Industry has led them to the right blend of Silicone and Moly Lube Grease that’s not just perfect for our ball diffs but also for every conventional ball diff in RC. This little twofer grease kit provides you with an ample amount to not just build your ball differential, but to also rebuild it many times over. And of course both of these blends of grease are done right here in the USA. Buy quality, buy MIP!



Special grease blend perfect for smooth long lasting ball differentials.


One Moly Lube Grease Cup – thrust assembly

One Silicone Lube Grease Cup – diff ball assembly

Enough for multiple diff rebuilds


MIP Confetti Sticker (1), MIP Grease Cups (1), MIP Silicon diff cube cup (1)

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