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MIP Shock Cartridge Spacer Kit for the Tekno EB410

MIP Shock Cartridge Spacer Kit for the Tekno EB410

Everyone who races the Tekno EB410 buggy knows that after each run you must bleed the shocks. Unfortunately, The stock shock cartridge setup uses 2 X-Ring Seals that ride against themselves. X-Ring Seals aren’t designed to be stacked together or “tandem”. When you do this they will develop “roll”. As the shock shaft plunges into the shock body at high speed during compression, the two seals will act like a pump or vacuum, and pull air into the shock body. Because the shaft rebound is always slower, the seals then move to their proper shape again trapping that air in the shock body. Now imagine that happening 1000’s of times during a race.

Well, MIP has eliminated this problem with our MIP Shock Cartridge Spacer Kit! MIP Shock Cartridge Spacers are a must have for any Tekno EB410 owner. The MIP Shock Cartridge Spacer Kit includes 8 spacers which will eliminate the need to bleed your shocks after each run. The spacers keep the same friction on the shaft to allow it to move freely but keeps the X-Ring Seals orientated to their proper shape during compression and rebound; thus resulting in a more consistent shock feel throughout your run!



• Hardware item, sold separately for your convenience at MIPonline.com.  Search main kit part number for Instructions.

• Genuine MIP replacement spare parts for MIP™ Products.

• Made in America, CNC machined in-house for highest precision quality.



1 – MIP Confetti Sticker

1 – MIP Inst. Sheet, Shock Spacers, Tekno EB410

4 – MIP Shock Cartridge Guide, Tekno EB410

4 – MIP Shock Cartridge Spacer, Tekno EB410

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