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No Prep Drag Racing Option Parts From Pro-Line


The no prep drag racing scene is by far the hottest new segment this year. We are seeing loads of people taking different types of vehicles, like short course trucks, and modifying them for drag racing. There has also been a drag car released, namely the Team Associated DR10 which is specifically meant for the no prep scene. Coming to the aid of all of these speed junkies is Pro-Line so that you can not only make your drag ride look the part, but furthermore boost its straight line performance. Here are the no prep drag racing option parts from Pro-Line.


Pro-Line has an awesome line-up of no prep drag racing bodies for you to choose from. Currently there are seven in total and are shown below. Each are intended to be used on modified short course trucks like the Traxxas Slash or the Team Associated DR10 drag racing car. All of the bodies come clear and include a detailed decal sheet, window masks and overspray film except for the Tough-Color Black 1969 Chevrolet Nova. The Pro-Line Tough-Color bodies are molded in black polycarbonate Tough-Color material so you won’t have to worry about paint chipping or peeling off. Additionally, the majority of the bodies come with a rear drag style spoiler and mounting hardware. The two Pro-Mod bodies do not.

Super J Pro-Mod Clear Body—#3523-00

Chevrolet Corvette C7 Pro-Mod Clear Body—#1571-40

1969 Chevrolet Nova Clear Body—#3531-00

1969 Chevrolet Nova Tough-Color Black Body—#3531-18

1978 Chevrolet Malibu Clear Body—#3549-00


1972 Plymouth Barracuda Clear Body—#3550-00

Octane Clear Body—#3524-00



Having loads of power is only good if you can get it to the ground and that is where quality tires come into play. Pro-Line has released tires designed specifically for the no prep drag racing scene. There are three rear tire options and one option for the front. Now have these tire choices is great but you need something to mount them onto and Pro-Line has you covered with two wheel offerings.

Hoosier Drag 2.2 2WD S3 Drag Racing Front Tires—#10158-203

Although not as critical as rear drag tires, it makes sense to select the right tires for the entire car. These are the Pro-Line Hoosier drag 2.2 2WD S3 Drag Racing Front Tires. As fully licensed Hoosier tires, they proudly display the bright white Hoosier logo on the sidewall for a scale appearance and will help make your no prep machine look like a true drag car. Pro-Line made these tires available in their soft yet super durable S3 compound or you have the choice of Pro-Line’s more stable MC clay compound. Included with the tires are soft, reusable and water-roof closed cell foam inserts. The Hoosier front tires can be mounted on 2.2” 2WD buggy front wheels and onto Pro-Lines Pomona Drag front wheels.

Hoosier Drag Slick SC 2.2/3.1 S3 Drag Racing Tires—#10157-203

The perfect complement to the Hoosier Drag front tires are these Hoosier Drag Slick rear drag racing tires. Like the smaller front versions, these Hoosier Drag slicks are fully licensed and come with the iconic bright white Hoosier logo on the sidewalls. You gain the benefit of super scale looking drag tires along with getting maximum grip. You can pick between Pro-Line’s soft and durable S3 compound of the MC clay compound which offers more stability. These drag slicks are designed to work with Pro-Line 2.2/3.0 wheels and include closed cell foam inserts.

Reaction HP SC 2.2/3.0 S3 Drag Racing Belted Tires—#10170-203

As you dial in your no prep drag racing car, the speeds will increase to a point where the tires can become a weak link. When tires hit very high speeds, they will start to balloon and make the car difficult to control and maintain a straight line. This issue will not be a problem if you use the Pro-Line Reaction HP belted drag racing tires. Pro-Line has developed a technology where they are able to mold a high-performance herringbone weave belt into the carcass of the Reaction HP drag tires. This belt will keep the tire from ballooning or expand during use so that you can get as much power down to the ground as possible. Your drag car will also benefit from the incredible grip generated by the soft S3 tire compound.

Big Daddy Wide Drag Slick SC 2.2/3.0 MC Drag Racing Tires—#10184-17

The last tire is also the newest in Pro-Line’s drag car product lineup. This is the Big Daddy Wide Drag Slick. As the name implies, the Big Daddy is a wider tire and will give you drag car much more grip. It has a massive 2-inch wide contact patch which is 25-percent larger than your standard short course drag slicks. So if you are running on unprepared surfaces with low grip, this is the ideal tire. An added benefit is that this larger tire will still fit standard 2.2/3.0 short course wheels. Pro-Line has mad eth Big Daddy tires in its MC compound and designed extra webbing to the inside of the tire for improved stability at high speeds. The MC compound along with the webbing offers incredible grip on a variety of surfaces and resists stretching.

Pomona Drag Spec 2.2 Black Front Wheels—#2775-03

Designed specifically for the no-prep drag racing scene and offer a perfect fit for the Pro-Line Hoosier Drag 2.2 2WD S3 Drag Racing Front Tires are these great looking Pomona Drag Spec 2.2 wheels. The wheels are lightweight, yet quite strong and come with a 12mm hex. Pro-Line made the wheel offset for all those converted Traxxas Slash 2WD trucks as well as the popular Associated DR10 drag racing car. These wheels are molded in black and have a spoke pattern that is reminiscent to the types of wheels you would have seen on full-size drag cars racing at the Pomona Drag Strip.

Pomona Drag Spec 2.2/3.0 Black Wheels—#2776-03

Matching the style of the Pomona front wheels are these tough looking Pomona Drag Spec rear wheels. Pro-Line made these wheels to perfectly fit the drag tires mentioned above so you can feel confident that you will get the full performance out of this tire/wheel package. Like the front Pomona wheels, these are molded with a 12mm hex, are lightweight and have the proper offset to work with Traxxas Slash 2wd SC trucks as well as the AE Dr10 drag car.


The last two products from Pro-Line offer a mix between improved performance and kicking up the style points. And with knowing Pro-Line, we are sure that we will see more drag racing products added to their product line-up.

No Prep Drag Racing Optional Hood Scoops and Blowers—#6368-00

The No Prep Drag Racing Optional Hood Scoops and Blowers are such a clever idea so that you can customize your drag car so that it will stand out from the crowd. This variety pack comes molded in clear polycarbonate so that you can paint it to match your drag vehicle. You have the option of going with a two-piece scale intake and blower to achieve that full-on American Muscle look. Then there is the included Pro Stock and Pro Mod style hood scoops and cowls that will help finish the look of a serious drag racing machine. Plus Pro-Line incorporated scale Naca ducts that can be placed anywhere on the body to make it look more scale.

Stinger Drag Racing Wheelie Bar—#6351-00

What is a drag car without a wheelie bar? Pro-Line obviously knew the answer and produced this Stinger Drag Racing Wheelie Bar. It is molded out of stiff and durable black Nylon and resembles full-size steel wheelie bars for the ultimate look and performance. The lightweight design with single ball bearing supported wheel will assist your drag car to hold is line down the course. Pro-Line made sure that it would be adjustable so that you can tweak the height and dial in your car. It comes with an spare wheel and is designed to easily install onto a Traxxas Slash 2WD short course truck.

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