Thursday, February 29, 2024

nVision R540 Sensor Brushless Racing Motors

nVision - R540 Sensor Brushless Racing Motors_1 copy
nVision proudly presents the brand new R540 Sensor Brushless Racing Motors. After the incredible success of the nVision engines, batteries and chargers, the brushless motors are the next big step in the history of the young brand. The new motors have been developed by Oscar Jansen using the latest technologies available today.


– Lightweight can design
– Sensor technology
– Precise timing adjustment
– High performance stator
– High torque rotor
– High temperature copper wire
– Easy to solder heavy duty gold tabs
– High speed ball bearings
– Strong venting for best cooling
– Available in the most popular windings from 4.5 – 21.5

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  1. Nvision motor system . How much ? Can i get it as a 17.5 ???

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