Thursday, June 20, 2024

Old RC: Rubbish or Resurrection

Old RC: Rubbish or Resurrection

A few years ago (more like 7 or 8), a local club decided to have a Tamiya Wild Willy’s race. You could use any electronics as long as the motor was stock (pre-brushless days) and could change out the shocks and add bearings…everything else had to be stock. There were some cool looking Jeeps out there, but the day after the race ended, so did the life of this Willy.

Since then, the Jeep has been sitting on my shelf, collecting dust but slowly losing parts. In a recent ‘Spring Cleaning’, I saw little use for it (other than taking up shelf space) and set it aside to be trashed.

But then it hit me; is it really rubbish or should I resurrect it? It is nearly complete and it somewhat working condition, it just needs a little TLC. So Project: Resurrect Your Willy has begun.

Which leads me to my point. RC cars will always progress, but that doesn’t mean that something from the past isn’t worth keeping. In fact, just BECAUSE it’s from the past should allow you more creativity in it’s rebuild. Go crazy with it…let’s see what you got!


  1. No, you should trash it. Here give it to me and I’ll take care of it for you.lol. I have a vintage clod and High rider vette and ask myself the same questions allot, If you don’t want to deal with it now just stuff it in a shoe box and hide it some where. Some day you’ll want to fix it or give it to some young turk to get them into the sport.

  2. I always say resurrect…

    Every RC I own with the exception of my Slash are vintage, or custom. I enjoy the challenge of resurrecting old RCs, which is why I have some of the rigs I do…

    Tamiya CC01 Isuzu Mu
    Associated RC10 (Original)
    Associated RC10 T3

    These and more…

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