Thursday, May 30, 2024

Parma Speedflo 2.0 Short Course Body

Parma Speedflo 2

Look what just showed up at our office! It’s Parma’s brand new Speedflo 2.0 short course body.  The Speedflo 2.0 is available in lightweight .030″ and .040″ thick Lexan. We got on the horn with Parma and found out the the cab shoved up for more down-force. Parma also formed the body with new unique circular/ oval venting holes. The areas you cut the vent hold have a “bead” for strength and to prevent cracking. The round holes are also Dremel friendly meaning you can make nice clean vent holes with a standard sanding drum.  This body in prototype form made an A-main at Motorama and has been winning at NJ tracks. Part Number will be #1243.



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