Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Outerwears Stampede 4×4 Shroud with Velcro Closure

OUTERWEARS Shroud Stampede 4x4

Dirt and dust are big enemies to any vehicle and Outerwears has taken a vow to help you fight against the grime. Outerwears offers a variety of impressive filters for uses in all types of industries, RC included. In the RC world, they offer nitro engine prefilters, motor filters and chassis shrouds. We grabbed their Traxxas Stampede 4×4 Shroud w/Velcro Closure to install and show off. This shroud is made from a durable proprietary polyester mesh with uniform micron openings, treated with an optional hydrophobic water-repellent process. Ok, so we nabbed those big words from the Outerwears website, but it really is a neat material that protects what if covers in many ways. The cover is cut to conform to the chassis, protect it and allow it to breathe. Velcro is sewn into the edges and the hook side of the Velcro gets adhered to the chassis. This set-up allows you to remove the cover easily for maintenance and then reinstall it later to use over and over again. We’ve been using the cover on our Project Stampede 4×4 for months. The Outerwears Shroud severely cut down on the muck and grime factor and we didn’t experience any overheating issues. If you are a dirty driver, you’ll want to check out Outerwears to see if they have a prefilter for your RC Machine.

Made by: Outerwears
Available From: Many online and local retailers
Made for: Stampede 4×4 Chassis Protection
Part #: 20-2656
Cost: $32.95

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