Wednesday, February 28, 2024

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CENRacing Colossus GST-E Monster Truck

Review: CENRacing Colossus GST-E Monster Truck

After a hiatus of several years, CENRacing is back in the USA with HRP as their new distributor. In celebration of their return to North America, they are debuting a subtly revamped 1/8-scale monster truck that is available exclusively from HRP.

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RC4WD Gelande Defender 90

Review: RC4WD Gelande Defender 90

Let me start by saying that the Land Rover Defender 90 (D90) is my favorite off-road vehicle of all time. The timeless design is so simple and clean that not even Land Rover has bothered to really change it in the last 30 years. RC4WD has stayed true to the spirit of the Defender 90, keeping it simple-looking and perfectly scale.

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