Saturday, June 15, 2024

PR Racing unveils new SB401 LW 1/10 4wd buggy

Weight has always been a focus in the world of R/C car racing, and PR Racing has just released their newest version of their PR SB401 1/10 4wd buggy with that focus in mind. The 2017 version is titled the “SB401 LW” for the fact it is designed to be a lightweight alternative to the standard SB401. The new car features a list of new carbon fiber options, 12mm wheel hexes, quieter differentials, and unique turnbuckle top deck design which is intended to improve flex characteristics and tuning. Overall the LW edition is up to 60g lighter than the original SB401, enhancing the buggy’s agility and on-track performance.

SB401 LW Revisions:

  • Turnbuckle Top Deck For Increase Torsional Flex
  • Revised Gearbox Housing for Smoother Transmission
  • Revised Ackerman Plate
  • Light Weight Differential Outdrives
  • 81T slipper assembly set
  • Lightweight Body
  • Lightweight Centre CVDs
  • New 12mm Wheel hexes
  • Carbon Fiber Shorty LiPo Strap


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  1. my rc car makes a squeeling noise and clicks while driving. ive checked the differentials the drive shaft and the cv axles. all seems to be ok but it still makes the noises. ive only had it for a month, but i have crashed it several times. what else can it be? my friend gave me a spare motor but the gear is missing the old one is pressed on without a screw. what can i do?

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