Thursday, July 25, 2024

Pro Boat Horizon Harbor 30-inch Tug Boat

Just announced is the Pro Boat Horizon Harbor 30-inch tug boat. The Horizon Harbor comes ready-to-run with a scale look and even includes attachable retrieval arms. This way you have a great looking boat that does double duty to rescue stranded RC boats.

Pro Boat Horizon Harbor 30-inch Tug Boat


Pro Boat Horizon Harbor 30-inch Tug BoatThe Pro Boat Horizon Harbor Tug Boat is a scale-appearing boat allowing you to kick back and be the captain of your own ship or create the ultimate retrieval boat. It’s both a beautiful scale tug boat to cruise around your local pond and a ready-to-go-out-of-the-box retrieval boat for the seasoned racer. Featuring a 700 size motor and a 60 amp ESC capable of handling up to 3s LiPo, this boat can be enjoyed as a scale tug or you can use the removable arms to turn the tug into a working boat mover and retriever for up to 48-inch racing boats. Additionally, it has plumbing for dual water cannons which will become operational by adding a water pump which will be powered by the receiver. LED lights, a metal gear servo, 3 Channel 2.4Ghz radio, and receiver round out the package providing nighttime piloting with precise steering and crystal clear connection between the driver and the boat.

Pro Boat Horizon Harbor 30-inch Tug Boat



  • Durable, Molded Hull
  • Removable Retrieval Arms
  • Scale Detail
  • Operating Water Canon Ready
  • 60 amp ESC
  • Torque Servo
  • 2.4Ghz Transmitter
  • Boat Stand
  • 700 Size Oversized Motor
  • Scale LED Lighting
  • Pre-Installed Ballast


Pro Boat Horizon Harbor 30-inch Tug Boat


Pro Boat Horizon Harbor 30-inch Tug Boat
Powerful brushed motor provides more than enough torque to move large 48-inch gas powered boats. The large cooling heatsink provides plenty of cooling during those long pushes. 60 Amp ESC is able to handle more power than needed for a boat this size. Selectable between LiPo and NiMh chemistry. 2s – 3s compatible
Pro Boat Horizon Harbor 30-inch Tug Boat
This ballast allows you to take the boat out of the box and place it in the water, without having to add a lot of weight to get it a proper waterline.

For more information, visit: HORIZON HOBBY

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