Saturday, April 13, 2024

Pro-Line Pre-Cut 1967 Ford F-100 Race Truck Clear Body for UDR

A new body option for the Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer has arrived. Pro-Line is proud to introduce the 1967 Ford F-100 Pre-Cut body for UDR! The 1967 Ford® F-100 is a classic vintage truck that has recently become a popular platform for building full-size pre-runners. Pro-Line is proud to bring the nostalgic and majestic body lines of the 1967 Ford® F-100 to your Traxxas® UDR® for the ultimate in scale realism! This body features the iconic flat front grill and wide fender flares to represent the aggressive fiberglass bulges found on custom race trucks. The F-100 body comes clear so you can custom paint your truck to match anything your heart desires and is made from high quality, crystal clear polycarbonate material. Pro-Line’s 1967 F-100 body mounts directly to the cage on the UDR® in the same locations as the stock body and is fully pre-cut for an easy direct fit. Transform the look of your Unlimited Desert Racer® and even more scale realism with the fully licensed 1967 Ford® F-100 Race Truck Body from Pro-Line!

Pre-Cut 1967 Ford F-100 Race Truck Clear Body for Unlimited Desert Racer
SKU: 3547-17
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