Saturday, June 15, 2024

Pro-Line Racing Pro-2 Buggy Conversion Action

Pro-Line Pro-2 Buggy Video
The Pro-Line Racing Pro2 Buggy Conversion is specifically for converting the popular Pro2 Short Course Truck.  The buggy hints of desert styling, but should be accepted easily into the short course buggy world as a racer. This is a kit, so what you get is a bag of parts, clear body panels, hardware and instructions to convert your Pro2 or Slash with the Pro2 LCG chassis kit, Performance transmission and ProTrac rear tower. The Pro2 buggy conversion kit is more than just a kit to change a truck to a buggy-style vehicle; it really expands the possibilities of one vehicle into potentially several types of buggies. Then if you get tired of running a buggy, you can swap it back to a truck. This conversion allows you to be creative and get the most fun out of your dollar. Check out the performance this conversion pumps out on our test track.