Thursday, February 29, 2024

Pro-Line Supersonic Speed Run Body

What a cool looking body…introducing the Pro-Line Supersonic Speed Run Body for the Traxxas Slash 4×4. If you are looking to convert your Slash 4×4 into the ultimate Speed Run vehicle. Look no further than Pro-Line’s all-new Supersonic body

Pro-Line Supersonic Speed Run Body

Pro-Line built the Supersonic body from the ground-up to go fast and look good doing it. There is a whole community built around pushing the limits of speed with the Slash 4×4 (and other SC-based trucks). Pro-Line Supersonic Speed Run BodyThe Supersonic body will help you jump right in to this ‘high-speed’ community. Belted tires are a must for going fast and the Reaction HP SC tires and even the Avenger HP 1:8 tires pair perfectly with the Supersonic body. Make sure to get the Pro-Line Extended Body Mounts so you can slam the body as low as possible and wide offset hexes to add even more high-speed stability to your build and to fill out the wheel wells.

Pro-Line Supersonic Speed Run Body
Supersonic Speed Run Body—#3541-00


  • Ultimate Slash 4×4 Speed Run Body!
  • Designed to Go Fast and Look Good Doing It
  • Pairs Perfectly with Pro-Line’s Belted SC and 1:8 Street Tires
  • Made with Crystal Clear Polycarbonate
  • Use Pro-Line Extended Body Mounts to Get the Body Mounted Perfectly
  • Add Wide Offset Hexes to Gain Stability and Fill Out the Wheel Wells


  • Slash 4×4 with Aluminum 17mm Wheel adaper set (TRA6856X)
  • Reaction HP SC BELTED tires (#10170-203)
  • Raid 6×30 Removable Hex SC Wheels (#2785-03) using 2.8″ 17mm Hex Adapers (#6336-00)



Pro-Line Supersonic Speed Run Body

For more information, visit: PRO-LINE

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