Thursday, December 7, 2023

Bag up that buggy for easy transport – Protek RC Buggy Carrier

There is no shortage of neat and unique accessories in the RC world and one company that delivers some really cool accessories to improve your RC Experience is Protek RC. After searching through their products we stumbled on these cool buggy carrier bags and can certainly see a use for them for both making transporting your buggy a breeze and for containing a dirty buggy to bring home. These bags are offered for 1/10 and ⅛ buggy use and are made of quality materials.

Product: Buggy Carrier Bag
By: Protek RC by Amain.com
Part Number: 1/10 PTK-8113, ⅛ PTK-8114
Price: 1/10 $21.99, ⅛ $23.00 (price can vary)


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