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Pure Fun RCs: Losi 1/24 Micro SCTE & Rally-X

A 1/24 line that’s  pure fun!

Photos: Walter Sidas
This article was originally published in RC Driver’s May 2015 issue.

Losi has been releasing hit vehicles of all shapes and sizes for years and years now. What they do exceptionally well with these releases is re-evaluate them after they have been on the market for some time and update them with the latest and greatest technology to keep them relevant. The Losi 1/24 Micro Rally-X and SCTE, for example, are first released with a tiny brushed motor and 27MHz radio and then followed up with a brushless motor version with 2.4GHz radio system. Both versions could be user upgraded to use a small 2S LiPo battery pack for those wanting to go faster. The newest version of the Micro Rally-X and SCTE now has it all, and then some including the new HyperCharge system.


WHO MAKES IT: Losi by Horizon Hobbies
WHO IT’S FOR: Everyone
HOW MUCH: $174.99

• Very quick for its size
• Comes with a 2S LiPo battery pack
• HyperCharge is the real deal
•  Low center of gravity because the battery loads into the bottom of the chassis
• Comes with a 2.4GHz Spectrum radio system
• All you need to get going is in 1 box
• Very durable

• My fingers are too darn big to easily pop the body clips on and off!

What Losi has done with each edition of the Micro Rally-X and SCTE is raise the bar higher and higher. This version literally has it all; brushless, LiPo, 2.4GHz and then some. Use it in tight spaces inside, use it in parking lots outside or find a track. No matter what you do this little rally car is up for some fun.

Losi included everything you need in one box with the Micro SCT and Micro Rally-X. Spektrum radio, with AA batteries, charger, mini LiPo battery and more.

• Hex wrench
• + Wrench
• Extra Gears
• Wheel wrench


• Reaction 7.4V 225mA 2S 10C HyperCharge LiPo, DYNB1000, $14.99. Even though the battery pack charges really fast it is always good to have a spare at your fingertips.

• Aluminum Center Drag Link, LOSB1648, $15.99. To help tighten up the steering this aluminum drag link fits the bill as it has less slop than the stock plastic part.

• Aluminum Shock Set, LOSB1647, $41.39. Keeping the Micro Rally-X handling well is just as important as going quick. These shocks are super smooth and won’t leak a drop of oil.


Inside the small molded composite tub chassis you’ll find all of the electronics that operate the Micro Rally-X and SCTE. The steering servo mounts toward the front right of the chassis and the electronics board mounts to the top of the chassis while the brushless motor mounts to the bottom of the right rear. Everything is kept safe and hidden from sight under a plastic cover that is secured in place with several tiny Phillips head screws. The battery loads into a small compartment in the bottom of the chassis making battery changes quick. Attached to the front and rear of the Micro Rally-X are protective bumpers that help the body maintain its shape in a collision and the keep suspension arms protected.

Found on all four corners of the Micro are some of the smallest oil-filled shocks I have ever seen. They utilize bladder type caps, and the plastic bodies are threaded so preload adjustments are easy. Upper and lower suspension control arms are tough and have a bit of flex to help them endure collisions. This suspension combination works flawlessly, allowing the Micro Rally-X to maintain good contact with the ground.

The tiny steering servo that is located to the front right of the chassis has a built in spring loaded servo saver and connects to a sliding rack style bar. The sliding bar then connects to tiny flexibly plastic Lexan type material turnbuckles. The turnbuckles then connect to the left and right steering knuckles.

To transfer power to the front and rear wheels the motor on the Micro connects to a spur gear equipped with a slipper clutch. From there a shaft driven drivetrain transfers power to front and rear gear differentials and then to tiny dog bones. The entire drivetrain rides on sealed bearings for friction-free operation.

The electronics package on the Micro is outstanding. To start, there is a 2-in-1 receiver/ESC combo unit that helps make the most of the scarce space on the chassis. Losi has upgraded the transmitter, making a Spektrum DX2E transmitter a standard feature. A miniscule Dynamite 7915Kv brushless motor has lots of power and although hidden from view has a cool red anodized can. Finally, and most importantly, it comes with a 225mAh Reaction series HyperCharge LiPo battery and 2.5A Dynamite Fast Charger System featuring a 15C charge rate. What does that all mean? It means that the battery can be charged in a fraction of the time compared to other similar batteries and charger combos of this scale. To make things convenient the battery does not need to be removed from the chassis to be charged.


The normal test facility I would use for a vehicle like this, a local playground, was covered in snow when I received the Micro’s so I headed for an even better location, R/C Madness in Enfield, Connecticut. The off road carpet track at R/C Madness, while intended for 1/10-scale vehicles, I felt would be a fair test for the its abilities and then some. On pulling back the throttle the little car took off considerably quicker than I had anticipated and zipped on down the straight-away. Since it is 4WD, and so small on a wide track, I was able to take just about every corner on the track exactly where I wanted it; close or near full speed. The Micro has a great, proportional throttle band that is smooth getting on and off and the brake, when I needed it, was strong too. Over the smaller single jumps it performed perfectly, taking to the air with a near perfect attitude and landing with just a small bounce before it settled and was ready for me to grab the throttle again. I tried to take a double but this was just not in the cards for the small Micro SCTE so I would single them, this was still fun and I used it as a sort of rhythm section. The Rally truck is plenty durable, too. I clipped a board or two and even had a few bad jumping adventures when trying to clear the double but nothing was adversely impacted. The only issue was when I was run over by a bigger vehicle and this just left scuffs on the spiffy body. 24-Micro-SCTE-&-Rally-X-13

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LENGTH: 6.42 in. (163mm)
WIDTH: 3.72 in. (94.5mm)
WHEELBASE: 3.9 in. (99mm)
WEIGHT: 5.4 oz. (153g)
HEIGHT: 2.4 in. (61.5mm)

BODY: Pre-painted and cut rally
WHEELS: Black multi-spoked
TIRES: Mini kingpin treaded tires

TYPE: Independent front and rear suspension with oil filled shocks
SHOCK POSITIONS: 3 holes on the tower, 3 holes on the arm
RIDE HEIGHT: Shock pre-load

TYPE: Sliding rack
TOE: Fixed

TYPE: Tub design
MATERIAL: Molded composite

TRANSMISSION: Shaft driven
DIFFERENTIAL: Front and rear gear differentials
CLUTCH TYPE: Adjustable mini slipper
GEAR RATIO: Optional pinion and spur gears
BEARINGS: Full set of shielded


Opinion: 8.5
Performance – Acceleration: 9
Performance – Steering: 9
Performance – Handling: 9
Performance – Durability: 10
Feature Breakdown: 8
Overall Value: 8

There are larger and more expensive vehicles on the market that do not come nearly as well loaded as the Micro Rally-X and SCTE. Despite its small 1/24 size it is a quite the performer as it is quick, smooth and dura- ble. Whether you run it in your basement, family room, driveway, park- ing lot or track you’ll have lots of fun without much maintenance. Buy it, charge the battery, have fun and repeat, it’s that simple when it comes to the Micro Rally-X or SCTE.


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