Wednesday, June 19, 2024

RC Driver: Tekno EB48 Super Lite Buggy Action

Tekno EB48 SLWhen you check out this video you will see an E-buggy looks like a Tekno EB48 however, this is an EB48 Super Lite, a buggy built off of the popular Tekno SCT410 short course platform. Tekno saw racers using SCT410’s as buggies by adding EB48 buggy parts. They were doing it because the lighter SCT platform with their nimble power systems made the lightweight buggies fast on the track and easy to drive. Rather than watch racers shell out for individual parts to build the buggies, Tekno stepped up and developed an all-inclusive kit for the conversion. What that allows a driver to do is to have easy options like running a SCT410 or EB48SL depending on the mood of the race day.


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