Monday, April 22, 2024

RC Q&A Video – Episode 1 – Your Questions and Our Answers

After today’s video shoot turned up unusable due to a wrong camera setting, we were still determined to give you some helpful RC information. So we turned to you and your questions you’ve posted in the comments section in other videos as today’s video topic. We gathered up 5 RC Questions and Answers that you asked on Youtube and go into more detailed answers than our typical written responses. Was your question a topic in our Q&A? Watch the video to find out. Do you have any other RC questions that need answers? Post them to the comments section below and we may choose it for an upcoming RC Q&A Video.

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  1. Hi, really like your YouTube content…unboxings, tests, reviews. I’ve been into rc cars for many years & I luv the hobby. I’ve finally got my Traxxas Bandit project up & running. I’m using 3s lipos of different mah & c ratings, while the cars is somewhat heavy with the mods I’ve done, the performance is a bit lacking in acceleration & top speed. I’m running a cheap tsky 120a hobbywing clone esc…you know the blue one. I’m using a program card to maximise performance but it doesn’t seem to improve the car much. I’ve run the same type of batteries & esc on a couple of other cars with very good results…can you offer me some advice?

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