Monday, March 20, 2023

RC4WD Carbon Assault Racing Monster Truck

Heads up monster truck fans, we wanted to share this with you in case you missed this big announcement. Here is the RC4WD Carbon Assault Racing Monster Truck that comes RTR (Ready-To-Run).

RC4WD Carbon Assault Racing Monster Truck


RC4WD Carbon Assault Racing Monster TruckThis is RC4WD’s first ever Racing Monster Truck, the Carbon Assault! Created with premium parts and boundless customization, it uses proven suspension geometry and a light-weight carbon fiber chassis coupled with rugged CNC billet aluminum chassis components. The Carbon Assault has something for everyone from backyard basher to monster truck racer.

The Carbon Assault Monster Truck incorporates a chassis with multiple suspension mounts for various arrangements, suspension links that mimic RC4WD Carbon Assault Racing Monster Truckdimensions of proven setups and a robust AX2 2-Speed transmission with hardened steel gears and a second gear for increased speed. The box includes 2 bodies, the first painted brilliant orange along with a complete sticker sheet featuring the epic Carbon Assault Logo, the second is an unpainted body so you can create your own racing scheme.

The Carbon Assault has components and features never seen on an RTR monster truck before. This truck is loaded with premium parts and will give hours of fun for the beginner monster truck driver and a solid platform for the advanced racer.

RC4WD Carbon Assault Racing Monster Truck


RC4WD Wide D44 Front and Rear Axles
CNC Billet Aluminum Axle Tubes and Trusses
Axle Mounted Twister High Torque Servo
540 Brushed Motor 27T
King Off-Road Racing Dual Spring Shocks
The Rumble Monster Truck Racing Tires
Ignitor 2.6″ Monster Truck Racing Beadlock Wheels
Machine Cut 2mm Carbon Fiber Chassis
CNC Billet Aluminum Chassis Braces and Skid Plate
AX2 2-Speed Transmission with Twister Servo
Outcry Extreme Speed Controller ESC w/ Program Card
RC4WD Manticore Lexan Body Set
Industry Standard Suspension Setup
Adjustable Front and Rear Sway bars
6-Cell 3000MAH NIMH Battery Pack
NIMH Peak Battery Charger



AX2 2 Speed Transmission Transmission
CNC Machined Billet Aluminum
15T 32P Steel Pinion
60T 32P Delrin Spur
Gear Ratio Pinion / Spur Ratio = 4:1
2 Speed
Wide Steel 48 Pitch Internal Gears
1st Gear Ratio = 5.05:1
2nd Gear Ratio = 1.78:1
Gears: Wide Steel, Delrin Spur, Slipper Clutch

D44 Wide Axle
Ratio: 2.9 : 1
Pinion Gear: 0.8 Mod 13T
Hex Width: 242mm
Hardened Steel Gears
Case Material: Reinforced Nylon Plastic
CNC Billet Aluminum Trusses and Tubes

Carbon Assault Suspension
4 Link Front and Rear Suspension

Shock Absorbers
King Off-road Dual Spring Shocks (110mm) – Can Be Oil Filled

Ignitor 2.6″ Monster Truck Racing Beadlock Wheels
CNC Machined Billet Aluminum Beadlock Rings and 12mm Hex
ABS Plastic Injection Molded Wheels and Center Cap
RC4WD Carbon Assault Racing Monster TruckFits 2.6 Clod Tires
OD: 3.08in / 78.3mm
Width: 3.73in / 94.8mm
Negative Offset: 1.39in / 35.4mm Each Weight: 7.16oz / 203.0g

Carbon Assault Dimensions
Wheelbase: 358mm (14.1”)
Width: 439mm (17.2”)
Height: 304.5mm (11.9”)
Ground Clearance: 85mm (3.3”)
Final Drive Ratio: 2.9 : 1
Weight: 10.0Lbs/4.54Kg

For more information, visit: RC4WD

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