Sunday, December 10, 2023

RC4WD Gelande II with Toyota Cruiser Body

RC4WD Gelande II with Toyota Cruiser Body

RC4WD has just released the Gelande II, a scale trailer that not only has a ton of cool features, it also boasts one of the best looking bodies out there. I’m a huge Toyota Cruiser fan, so I’m going to have to do some major wheelin’ and dealin’ to wrangle this rig out of Greg’s hands!

The G2 comes as a kit and features a realistic, aluminum ladder frame chassis. A 3-link front end (with panhard bar) and 4-link rear end are standard equipment, as well as the internally-sprung, oil-filled shocks. The Gelande rolls on a great-looking set of stamped, 1.9″ beadlock wheels that grip the Dirt Grabber tires. The G2 also features an all new Hammer transfer case, R3 single-speed transmission and all new, cast Yota II axles.

Greg has already pulled the parts from the box and snapped some photos; you can see those here: http://rcdriver.com/rc4wd-gelande-ii-truck-kit-with-cruiser-body-set/.

Gelande II truck kit with Cruiser Body
Link: www.rc4wd.com

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