Sunday, December 10, 2023

Rebel RC – A New Player In The World Of RC

Rebel RC – a new player in the world of RC was recently announced. It is pretty clear that Rebel RC is changing the radio-controlled game with a full line of meticulously crafted, off-road-focused vehicles and accessories that are designed to bring out the Rebel within.

Rebel RC – A New Player In The World Of RC

OVERVIEW – Rebel RC offers a comprehensive lineup of premium quality RC products that are inspired by full-size off-road legends and built for the community of enthusiasts that enjoy this unique lifestyle.

– Created by a group of hardcore off-road masters and RC experts who’ve built a reputation around creating some of the toughest and most capable machines to travel down the trail.

– Ready to run (RTR) kits, builder kits (KITS), as well as a full line of bodies, parts, and accessories, allow both off-road and RC enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the outdoors in an entirely new way.

Rebel RC – A New Player In The World Of RCDrawing inspiration from full-size, trail-ready beasts; Rebel RC is proud to offer a comprehensive lineup of off-road focused RC products for the rebel within us all. This unique new vision has been crafted by off-road and RC industry icons Jeff Johns, Bond Gilmer, and George Kane – a team who’ve built a reputation for creating some of the most capable full-size and scaled RC rigs in the world.

  • Jeff Johns is a pioneer in the world of RC Crawling, Scale Trail, and Rock Racing. Throughout his 22-year career he’s been the captain of skilled teams that have brought some of the most iconic RC vehicles to market.
  • Bond Gilmer is an off-roading legend, who also happens to be a serious RC enthusiast. As the founder of Rebel Off-Road, he’s built a name for himself as not only a builder, but also as a professional driver and expert overlander.
  • George Kane has competed in a staggering variety of Ultra 4 Racing competitions and brings a vast library of off-road experience to the table.

Their unique experience allows them to offer a line of vehicles, bodies, parts, and accessories that are not only inspired by some of the most legendary off-road vehicles ever created but perform as well as they look.

From Ready to Run Kits (RTR) that come fully equipped and ready to hit the trail to Builder Kits (KITS) that allow enthusiasts of all kinds the opportunity to build a rig that perfectly suits their own unique passion; their high-performance products are designed for the discerning enthusiast.

One of the best things about building a full-size off-road rig is the ability to customize and upgrade the build over time, and the team at Rebel RC wanted to bring that experience to the world of radio-controlled vehicles. To make the dream a reality, Rebel RC offers a staggering selection of parts, and accessories that will not only make your build look incredible but can upgrade the performance out on the trail as well.

Rebel RC is located in Laguna Hills, California and have a future location in Fort Worth, Texas which is due to open this month.

For more information, visit: REBEL RC

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