Monday, December 11, 2023

Traxxas ProGraphix Custom RC Paint

Definitely something different from the crew at Traxxas…here is the Traxxas ProGraphix Custom RC Paint. It is an all-new line of premium polycarbonate paints created to deliver professional-grade, airbrush-like results with the convenience of aerosol cans.

Traxxas ProGraphix Custom RC Paint


Every aspect of clear-by paint application has been carefully researched, tested and optimized by Traxxas to create ProGraphix RC Paint. From body prep to finished product, it’s one of the best painting experience for customizing your favorite models.

Traxxas ProGraphix Custom RC Paint


Traxxas ProGraphix RC paint comes in 23 dynamic colors including standard, metallic, fluorescent, specialty, candy, and chrome. No matter what look or effect you’re going for, ProGraphix RC Paint is the best choice for pro-quality results.



Each ProGraphix color comes in a generous 5 oz. can, with our most popular colors also available in economical 13.5 oz. cans. ProGraphix paint requires no body scuffing and each coat dries in just minutes. Create eye-popping custom styles the easy way with ProGraphix RC Paint.


Traxxas ProGraphix Custom RC PaintPROFESSIONAL RESULTS

The unique ProGraphix paint mixture and the can’s exclusive valve design deliver an even, precise coating with minimal effort. Masked lines are sharper, fluorescents are bright and vibrant, and custom creations can be stretched as far as the imagination.



Traxxas ProGraphix Custom RC Paint


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