Thursday, May 30, 2024

Helion Brushless Dominus 10SC V2

Dominus 10SC V2 Box Art
Look for this cool Dominus 10SC V2 Box Art in Hobbytown USA’s near you.
Helion is a company on the move in the RC World and they are releasing some pretty exciting products through Hobbytown USA’s all over the country. If you haven’t made your weekly trip to Hobbytown USA, we suggest you do so because the new short course truck you see here is now hitting the shelves. Helion’s Brushless Dominus 10SC V2 is a combination of Helion’s Dominus 10SC and Invictus monster trucks. What they did was take the cool center section of the Invictus with its high ground clearance chassis and efficient driveline setup and grafted the Dominus’ short course suspension, bumpers and body onto it. What was the result? An off-road short course truck that can handle any terrain in your backyard or favorite bashing site; pure awesomenss! We are at the top of the list to receive Helion’s new offerings and tore open the box to give you this “Reveal” on what’s inside. Take a look.

Manufacturer- Helion
Product- Brushless Dominus 10SC V2
Class- 1/10 Short Course Truck
Power system- Electric
Kit Type- RTR
What’s in the box- Assembled truck with body painted and electronics installed, 2-channel radio, 7-cell NiMh battery with T-plug, charger, tools and manual
Needed to complete- 4 AA Batteries
Water Resistant- Yes
Part No.- HLNA0440
Price- $290

Hobbytown USA

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