Sunday, December 10, 2023

RPM Rear A-arms and mud guards for Arrma Kraton 8S

RPM Rear A-arms and mud guards for the Arrma Kraton 8S have just been released. Earlier this year, Kraton owners were hooked up with front suspension arms and now they can complete the bulletproofing process of their massive monster truck.

RPM Rear A-arms and mud guards for Arrma Kraton 8S

RPM Rear A-Arms for the Kraton 8S—#80812

The ARRMA Kraton 8S is 26 lbs. (12kg.) of high-flying, dirt shredding, jump-killing fun! If you’re a-arms aren’t up to the abuse this massive monster can dish out, look no further than RPM. RPM replacement rear A-arms are designed with the backyard basher in mind and can handle some serious abuse and come back for more.

RPM Rear A-arms and mud guards for Arrma Kraton 8SRPM rear A-arms have a triple beam style construction designed to spread impact energy across all three beams. Each beam’s cross-section is a whopping 5/8” (15.8mm) tall x 3/8” (9.5mm) wide. These massive beams reduce unwanted flex during normal suspension movement, yet allow impact-absorption during those not-so-perfect landings and crashes. RPM also moved the inner cross brace away from the chassis, eliminating the droop stop entirely. While this may seem counter-intuitive, the RPM test truck’s chassis was bent at the droop stops, clearly illustrating that extreme impacts were too much for the chassis plate to handle. After all, there’s nothing worse than a bent chassis.

Made in the USA from RPM’s trademark blend of ultra durable materials.

  • Tech Notes: RPM Rear A-arms for the ARRMA Kraton 8S are sold as a pair. RPM A-arms replace stock ARRMA #ARA330590.

RPM Mud Guard for RPM Kraton 8S Rear A-arms—#80642

RPM Rear A-arms and mud guards for Arrma Kraton 8SRPM Mud Guards work with RPM #80812 A-arms exclusively (for the ARRMA Kraton 8S). They prevent sandblasting of your shocks and shock shafts, prolonging the life of your shocks and shock shafts while reducing maintenance of the shock shaft seals. Additionally, by keeping debris kicked up by your front wheels off of your rear driveline and suspension components, these key mechanisms will last longer and run much smoother between cleanings.

RPM Mud Guards are extremely light (weighing in at only 18.5g. each) sold in pairs and molded in RPMS’s engineering blend of incredibly strong nylons for a lifetime of protection you can trust.

  • Tech Notes: RPM Mud Guards work exclusively with RPM A-arms (RPM #80812). They are not designed to work with stock or any other aftermarket A-arms.

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