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Spec-Ial Xray?

This article was originally published in RC Driver’s November 2015
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Hi Tony. Does XRay have a 2015 1/8 E-Buggy or is the XB8E, which was released a year ago, their so-called 2015 Specs Buggy???
Damein J., Los Angeles, CA


Hi Damein, I checked the XRay site and the only thing I could find was the XB8E buggy – nothing yet on a 2015 Spec release. Typically, however, some companies release an updated version of the cur- rent car instead of popping out a whole new release and give it a ‘Date-Spec’ title. No real reason to release a new kit if the current car is awesome (like the XB8E) and just needs a slight update!—Tony

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