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Spyder SDX4 4wd Buggy From Serpent

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The SDX4 4wd off road buggy from Serpent is loaded with features like a shaftdrive transmission, 3 gear differentials, slipper clutch, various carbon fiber and 7075 T6 aluminum parts, 2mm aluminum hard coated chassis, bearing roll bars for the front and rear, suspension arms with inserts and pivot balls. Clear 4wd body, large rear wing and wheels included.

Features – 

Rear suspension
Strong composite lower suspension arms with mounting spots for the pivotball activated anti-roll bar. The arms are a closed type design for aero effect, rigidity and clean looks. On the upper side optional carbon inserts can be applied in case harder arms are needed for handling. Composite insertplates are standard.
The rear arms have 2 shock mounting positions on each side front and rear. The front and rear shockmounting positions are different and the arms can be used on both sides of the car, so you have 4 shock angle positions to choose form.  The rear arms allow to mount the shocks also in the rear of the car.

Suspension arms pivot balls
Instead of inner pivot pins the SDX4 uses small pivotballs which thread inside the arm. The suspension brackets are machined to adapt the pivotballs and create a low friction, no binding suspension. By turning the pivotballs in or out you can set the optimal play between the front and rear bracket.

Suspension brackets
Hard coated aluminum suspension brackets fr fr and fr rr. Small but effective composite front bumper to protect the front end. The angled front built in kick up allows for smoother landings.
The rear rear suspension bracket can be used standard with o-degree or upside down as 3-degree anti-squat.

The strong front diff case assembly based on 2 durable 7075 T6 bulkheads is a very strong affair to mount the diff-housings, front shock tower and chassis too. Its also features the holders for the ballraced anti-rollbarmounts.

Anti-roll bar
Both the front and rear arms and bulkheads allow mounting the ball-raced anti-roll bars. The wire type anti-roll bars are lasered for easy indentification. The wire connect to the arms with the proven friction free supersmooth pivotball system. Its very easy to access and change the anti-roll bars as needed.

Motor mount
The motor is mounted securely to the thick 3mm cnc machined 7075 T6 alu motor plate. The motor is mounted to the sliderplate, which is then easily slotted in position.

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