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Tamiya TT-01 Type-E’s Best Performance Upgrades

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Back in 2003, Tamiya released the TT-01 1/10-scale 4WD touring car chassis and became the platform for numerous Tamiya kits. Tamiya then further refined the chassis to have better handling and improved ease of maintenance and released the TT-01 Type-E in 2008. It quickly became well-liked among racers because it performed very well out of the box, is very easy to build and it did not have an oversized price tag attached to it. The TT-01 Type-E is still a popular chassis and Tamiya currently sells many kits that utilize this chassis. With the multitude of these touring cars out there, following are Tamiya TT-01 Type-E’s best performance upgrades to make your car even better on the track.

Tamiya TT-01 Type-E’s Best Performance Upgrades

TT-01 Ball Diff Set — #53663

Tamiya TT-01 Type-E’s Best Performance UpgradesA spot where you can make the drivetrain spin more smoothly is with the differentials. In stock form, the TT-01 Type-E comes with gear differentials which are very easy to build, maintain and are pretty durable. Switching to this ball diff provides much smother action in the drivetrain and reduces any play in the diff which yields a better driving touring car. Ball diffs use steel balls that roll on flat metal rings so there is no backlash or play and they are super smooth in comparison. This kit includes everything you need including the Allen keys to adjust it and the grease to keep it operating at top form.

TT-01 Type-E Ball Bearing Set — #54025

Tamiya TT-01 Type-E’s Best Performance UpgradesUpgrading to a complete set of ball bearings is always a great choice when looking to improve the performance of a RC vehicle. This is a definite upgrade where performance will be gained and is lasting. Tamiya specs metal and plastic bushings that function adequately and keep the overall cost of the TT-01 Type-E kits down. Alternatively, ball bearings spin much more smoothly thus allowing the drivetrain to spin faster and with less effort thanks to the reduction of power-robbing friction in the drivetrain system. This bearing kit not only replaces all the bushings in the drivetrain, but also the tiny plastic bushings found in the steering bellcranks.

TT-01 Aluminum Propeller Joint & Shaft Set — #54026

Tamiya TT-01 Type-E’s Best Performance UpgradesThis TT-01 aluminum propeller shaft and joints will make the chassis look cooler thanks to the blue anodizing, but that is not the main benefit. Out of the box, the TT-01 Type-E comes with a plastic center driveshaft that can twist and flex which will hinder the power delivery to the front end of the car. Remedy this issue with this Tamiya TT-01 Aluminum Propeller Joint & Shaft Set. The shaft is precision machined out of aluminum and will spin true as well as be able to handle more powerful motors. Included with the shaft are aluminum propeller joint cups to complete the center driveshaft assembly. When you drop in the propeller joints and shaft, do it at the same time you are installing the ball bearings that we mentioned above.

Universal Shaft Assembly — #53792

Tamiya TT-01 Type-E’s Best Performance UpgradesSince our goal with this article is to make the TT-01 Type-E better at the track, it only makes sense to install the Tamiya universal shaft assembly. The TT-01 Type-E comes with dogbones that relay the power from the differentials to the axles, but not nearly as efficiently as these optional universals. Dogbones can also pop out during collisions and hard crashes. The design of these universal shafts will reduce power loss caused by friction when the car is steering. Installing this hop-up will take a little time because the universal shafts need to be assembled and then installed which requires some disassembly of the suspension.

Tamiya GT-Tuned Motor (25T) — #53779

Tamiya TT-01 Type-E’s Best Performance UpgradesSwapping out the motor is pretty quick and easy because it does not require a lot of disassembly to make it happen and you will visually see the difference as soon as you get your car back on the track. Shown here is the Tamiya GT-Tuned motor which is a great improvement over the stock Sport Tuned motor. It has an open endbell which gives you access to the brushes for easy maintenance or replacement. The endbell is also vented for maximum cooling and incorporates a detachable inboard capacitor. When you change the motor, consider getting a selection of pinion gears so that you can further adjust the TT-01 Type-E for optimum performance.


Tamiya TT-01 Type-E’s Best Performance Upgrades
Stock Tamiya TT-01 Type-E chassis.

TT-01 Metal Motor Mount — #53666

Tamiya TT-01 Type-E’s Best Performance UpgradesIf you are not planning to upgrade the motor right away and are focusing on some of the other hop-ups we mentioned, you can skip installing this metal motor mount. But if you are planning to drop in a hotter motor, we suggest getting this upgrade at the same time as the motor. The stock motor mount is made of plastic and does not offer the same type of rigidity that this aluminum mount can. Additionally, the connection between the pinion and spur will stay constant and therefore cause less wear and there is the benefit of keeping the motor cooler since this mount acts like a heat sink.

TT-01E Carbon Damper Stay — #54059(front)/#54060(rear)

In order to keep the build process quick and easy, Tamiya did not incorporate loads of suspension adjustments. This also helps to keep a newcomer from tweaking the chassis incorrectly and possibly making it harder to handle when on the track. As a person’s skill improves and understanding of how to properly tune a RC chassis, consider getting these front and rear Carbon Damper Stay for the TT-01 Type-E. They replace the stock plastic shock towers that offer very limited suspension adjustments; where these sets give more tuning options. Each damper stay is cut from 3mm carbon fiber and includes all the necessary mounting hardware.

TRF Fluorine Coated Damper Set — #53571

Tamiya TT-01 Type-E’s Best Performance UpgradesPlastic friction shocks are utilized at each corner of the stock TT-01 Type-E chassis and just like the metal and plastic bushings, they help keep the cost down of the kits not to mention they are super simple to assemble. The downside is that they severely lack damping when compared to fluid filled shocks. Do yourself a favor and upgrade to these Tamiya TRF Fluorine Coated Dampers to drastically improve the handling. They are constructed of CNC machined aluminum and are fluorine coated for silky smooth consistent damping. In stock from the TT-01 Type-E will tend to bounce around when traveling over rough terrain and therefore be more difficult to control. These high-quality oil-filled units will eliminate those traits and make any of the kits that come with the TT-01 Type-E chassis handle much better, especially when racing.

TT-01 Type-E Racing Steering Set — #54058

Tamiya TT-01 Type-E’s Best Performance UpgradesThe optional TT-01 Type-E Racing Steering Set features precision machined aluminum steering arms that are supported by quality metal shielded ball bearings. This is a great way to eliminate slop in the stock steering system which uses plastic bellcranks and bushings. Steering input in a race vehicle is critical and you will find that your TT-01 Type-E car or truck will exhibit better steering response by adding this hop-up.

Adjustable Upper Arm Set — #53674

Tamiya TT-01 Type-E’s Best Performance UpgradesThe TT-01 Type-E does not offer a lot of adjustability and that is by design. This makes it a great car to start off with and it handles quite well out of the box. Some times when there are too many adjustments, people will tend to over tune the car and make it nearly undrivable. Once you gain experience, then it is worthwhile to add parts that give you more tuning options. One of those are these Adjustable Upper Arms Sets that allow you to tweak front camber.





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