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Team Associated SC10B Hop Up

Our picks for performance, durability, and/or appearance upgrades

Here are our accessory and hop-up picks for today’s popular vehicles that can boost performance, durability and/or appearance and leave you with a sweet custom ride.
This article was originally published in RC Driver’s June 2016 issue.

TYPE: 1/10-scale electric 2WD RTR short course truck
PRICE: $199.98 (item no.7028)

HOP-UP: Tekin RSX speed control and Tekin PRO2 motor
PRICE: RSX $219.99 (TT1158) / PRO2 $149.97 (TT2505)
Expand the performance envelope of your Team Associated SC10 by upgrading to a more powerful and capable brushless motor system. The Tekin RSX speed control and PRO2 brushless motor will give you super smooth response along with plenty of power and reliability.

HOP-UP: Schelle Racing Innovations Nova Slipper
PRICE: $30.00 (SCH1302)
A great compliment to a more powerful brushless motor system is this Schelle Racing Innovations Nova slipper clutch. This slipper will last longer, won’t lock-up, will handle more torque and give you a better driving feel. Schelle includes slipper pads of different material to allow you to tune to specific track conditions.

HOP-UP: AKA Enduro 3 Wide Pre-mounted tires
PRICE: $28.99/pair (13021VRF)
Make sure your short course truck has the traction it needs, especially when racing. AKA offers many of its high quality tires pre-mounted with inserts and the Enduro 3 Wide tires work on just about any surface condition. They are available in different tire compounds including soft, super soft and ultra soft.

arrmarc.com, (217) 398-8970
Futaba, futabarc.com, (217) 398-8970
ST Racing Concepts, teamstrc.com
Team Associated, teamassociated.com, (949) 544-7500

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  1. Nice, I just got an SC10 and I’m already thinking of upgraded to brushless. I’ll have to take a look at this Tekin one!

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