Sunday, December 10, 2023

Team Corally Jambo XP 6S 4WD Stunt Truck Review

Team Corally keeps pumping out some exciting new RC cars. Some have been version two of their ⅛ line of RC ready to run buggies, truggies, trucks and monster trucks and they have expanded the line with offering new vehicle styles rather than just a secondary paint job offering. The first of the expanded RC’s was the Radix6 which was a variation of the Python. Now they’ve taken the Dementor platform and turned it into the exciting Jambo as an option for you. Like the Dementor, the Jambo is an exciting ⅛ electric off-road stunt truck. This tuggy is built for wheelies, back flips, big air and so much more. It also includes all the latest tweaks and revisions Corally has made to their other platforms in the V2 releases. This truck is exciting, it looks great and spoiler, it’s a blast to drive. If you’ve been thinking about getting a stunt truck, you need to see this entire video.

Team Corally JAMBO XP 6S
Distributed By: Hobby Recreation Products (HRP)
Kit Type: RTR 1/8 Monster Truck
Part Number: C-00166
Price: $549.99
Visit: https://bit.ly/3Siz0gY

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  1. I have a Punisher, having had many cars over the years…this is certainly a more fragile car compared to, say, an Arrma Kraton, especially in the rear suspension area. It is a quick car, just don’t expect to be able to run down a battery unless you treat it very, very carefully. I’m nervous to jump it, its that fragile…unless you land absolutely perfectly every time, the weak, composite plastic will snap. Corally needs to address the quality issues in its spare parts unless they have done it deliberately to keep you paying for spares…which is possible but a very short term outlook for any business. If you insist on buying one, just for starters stock up on camber links c-00180-553 (snap easily), driveshafts c-00180-367 (bend easily or get lost when the rear arms snap), suspension arms c-00180-99-2 (very brittle) and shock absorber ball connectors c-00180-027. My opinion is that it is not up to the job…buy an alternative.

  2. There is one Corally Python V1 at our clay/sand track that breaks every day driving. I would say almost every aluminium piece bent and the pivot balls pop out of the hubs. The stock tires broke after less then one single 4s battery. The ESC’s cable for the receiver was worn and broke after less than 20 batteries. The Reely Generation X and Carson Virus and Hobao cars perform better on the track and break much less parts.
    In my opinion Corally is worth less than a Tamiya DT-03 (stock).

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