Thursday, May 30, 2024

Team Orion Carbon Pro ULTRA 110C LiPo Packs

Team Orion - Carbon Pro ULTRA 110C LiPo Packs copy

Carbon Pro Ultra 110C LiPo packs are designed for the highest levels of racing.  With a 110C discharge rate they have power on demand and a 5C charge rate ensures that they will be to capacity in no time.  They come with a cool carbon fiber case, heavy duty gold tubes feature low internal resistance.  Orion has developed a variety of shorty packs in different capacity/weight configuration that allow fine tuning of the car’s handling. A lighter car is generally a faster car, using a smaller battery allows you to save a lot of weight in a very efficient and cost effective way. They also developed a lighter “stick” battery and 4S LiPo pack ideal for 1/8 off road.

Current offerings – 

ORI14081 – 3200 mAh, 2S 7.4V XSS Shorty
ORI14082 – 3800 mAh,  2S 7.4V XS Shorty
ORI14083 – 5000 mAh, 2S 7.4V Shorty
ORI14084 – 4800 mAh,  4S 14.8V
ORI14085 – 4000 mAh, 2S 7.4V XS Saddle Pack
ORI14086 – 7400 mAh, 1S 3.7V
ORI14087 – 5800 mAh, 7.4V Lightweight

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