Thursday, May 30, 2024

Team Orion Vortex VST2 Pro Mg Magnesium Case Motors

Team Orion - Vortex VST2 Pro Mg Magnesium Case Motors_1 copy

Vortex VST2 Pro Mg motor cases are made out of magnesium, a metal that is 33% lighter than aluminum with similar or superior mechanical characteristics. Reducing weight is beneficial to the car’s handling and the motor makes up a good part of the car’s total weight. It is manufactured using the world championship winning VST2 Pro technology and features the latest developments in brushless motor technology. The 540 size Mg Motors come with adjustable while the 690 has fixed timing.  Both feature gold plated low resistance solder tabs and dual sensor ports.

Current Offerings From Team Orion – 

ORI28330 – 2P 13.5T 540 Stock
ORI28331 – 2P 17.5T 540 Stock
ORI28332 – 2P 5.5T 540 Modified
ORI28333 – 2P 6.5T 540 Modified
ORI28334 – 2P 7.5T 540 Modified
ORI28335 – 4P 2100kV 690

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