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Tekno RC NB48 2.1 1/8 4WD Competition Nitro Buggy Kit

Recently announced is the new Tekno RC NB48 2.1 1/8 4WD competition nitro buggy kit. A nitro buggy that has all the makings to continue Tekno’s racing success.

Tekno RC NB48 2.1 1/8 4WD Competition Nitro Buggy Kit

It’s hard to believe that almost three years ago, the groundbreaking NB48 2.0 buggy was unveiled and shocked the industry. Two years ago, Jared Tebo piloted the NB48 2.0 to become the world’s top driver, thanks to its longest in class arms and completely redesigned chassis layout. It has remained a favorite all over the world due to its incredible rough track handling, extreme durability, ease of maintenance, and innovative design features.

Many of the 2.0 upgrades, such as the revised shock towers, updated body, Ackerman spindle plates, offset brake cams, tall wing mount, more durable gearboxes, and chassis braces, are standard features on the NB48 2.1.

The Tekno RC designers created entirely new rear arms and hubs with adjustable roll center, extending the industry’s already longest arms to an incredible 112mm in length. Tekno RC NB48 2.1 1/8 4WD Competition Nitro Buggy KitThey made a new chassis with lowered hinge pin braces, which significantly improved the buggy’s handling. A new interlocking center differential mount improves brake response while reducing complexity. New differentials and rear springs were developed, and since they were such a game changer, they made them backward compatible and released them as soon as possible.

The new front end geometry, however, is one of the most revolutionary changes to the 2.1 platform. Tekno RC NB48 2.1 1/8 4WD Competition Nitro Buggy KitTekno RC knew that lengthening the front camber link would improve stability and predictability, but a camber link nearly the length of the arm had never been attempted in a C-hub car before. They tried for years and created several prototypes that significantly improved handling but were not durable enough or didn’t provide the desired setup adjustments. It wasn’t until recently that Tekno RC came up with a completely new design that met all of the requirements.

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