Sunday, April 21, 2024

The 2014 East Coast Large Scale Nationals is in the Books!

2014 East Coast Large Scale Nationals

Every year, about this time, a popular race is held in North Carolina at an even more popular location; the East Coast Large Scale Nationals at Digger’s Dungeon. So what makes both of these so popular?

First, there has been a slight increase in the large-scale arena with the release of Losi’s 4WD 5IVE-T and, more recently, the 4WD DBXL. In addition, a few other companies have been putting out big-scalers, including MCD’s long-awaited RR5 4WD Buggy. This has allowed the aftermarket to boom; 4WD vehicles mean more power in the form of engines, pipes and intakes. More power also means, in some cases, more broken parts, so the aluminum upgrades just keep coming. As you can see, these few 4WD vehicles have sparked a whole new excitement with the 1/5-scale crowd.

As for Digger’s Dungeon, this is the home of the world famous Grave Digger Monster Truck. Yes, the same full-size, 1700hp behemoth that drivers like Dennis Anderson go out and destroy at every Monster Jam event. This location is a hot-spot for local tourism, allowing you to walk the grounds of the facility to check out some of the older trucks, visit the official Grave Digger store or grab a bite to eat at Digger’s Diner (all of which I do each time I go to this race).

I had a really good time, I won the 4WD Buggy class and I took a bazillion pictures, some of which I’ve posted on here for you to take a gander at. A full write-up will be in the next issue of RC Driver, so keep your eyes open for it!

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