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TLR Dirt Laydown Conversion 22T 3.0

TLR Dirt Laydown Conversion 22T 3.0

As the TLR Race Team continues to push the envelope of performance for the 22T 3.0, they have found that a laydown transmission moving the motor forward greatly improves corner speed and consistency on higher grip tracks. With carpet and Astro-turf tracks growing in popularity, and some US lay tracks running slicks, the need for forward bite is not as critical and corner speed becomes the most sought after performance trait. Moving the motor considerably forward yields more corner speed and stability. Designed as a complete conversion kit, no additional parts or modifications are needed to convert to your 22T 3.0!

TLR Dirt Laydown Conversion 22T 3.0
Key Features

The Dirt Laydown conversion kit includes every part and piece of hardware needed to convert a 22T 3.0 to a laydown racing truck
Moving the motor forward and reducing the rear weight bias helps the 22T 3.0 remain flat in higher speed turns and reducing wheelies for quicker lap times on carpet, astro and clay slick tire tracks
Transmission cases are precision machined form high quality delrin for perfect fit and finish
Premium parts included are a short molded battery strap, machined aluminum idler, machined motor plate, motor plate brace, and transmission to shock tower

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