Monday, September 25, 2023

Totemic Stock and Spec Racing Motors from SMC

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Introducing the SMC Totemic Stock motors. After an intense development program, SMC has boiled down the multiple motor parameters to one configuration. The motor excels at 2S, 1S and oval.

The stator is made of premium stator steel with high silicone content, selected for the specifics of restricted wind racing. The steel is then shaped into what SMC has found to be the best balanced design for torque and rpm, power across the entire range. The stator is then filled with maximum legal size pure copper wire, wire that research has found produces the lowest resistance and highest thermal capacity. Collector rings and solder tabs are pure copper finished in tarnish resistant gold plating.

Rotors are premium, right in the box, no aftermarket upgrades required. The magnet strength was again selected to match maximum strength and proven thermal stability. All rotors are precision balanced.

The sensor board is a reliable configuration that resists heat and has proven low deviation.
All this assembled in our in-house designed can system that provides a steady foundation to the power within.
Designed to ROAR specifications and Approved by ROAR.

Why don’t we have “certified”, ‘tuned”, “premium”, etc. motors? This is a gimmick used to cherry pick the best motors and then hold you the racer ransom to get access to them. This is heavily against our principles. Each SMC Totemic motor is built to the highest standards and then offered direct to the racer without anybody skimming the barrel for the “best” ones.
Motors are available in 21.5t, 17.5t and 13.5t. Standard rotor is 12.5mm diameter and a 12.3mm tuning rotor is offered as an option.

Replacement rotors and sensor boards are also available.

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