Friday, January 27, 2023

Track Tuesdays: Fear Farm R/C Raceway

AZRCR at Fear Farm R/C Raceway

What could be more important to an RC racer than their RC itself? Well, probably not much… but, coming in at a close second place is certainly our local track we have the pleasure of calling “home.” Whether this is a simple track torn into our backyard or the local track carefully planned and taken care of, they serve a very important aspect in fulfilling a RC racer’s passion: a place to practice and have fun. Every Tuesday here at RC Driver we’ll be featuring a local track known as home to its local RC Racers and RC enthusiasts. Ever wonder what other tracks out of town are like? Or ever want your home track to be seen and known by other RC racers? Then make sure to read the latest Track Tuesdays feature and your local home track might be the next up!

Fear Farm R/C Raceway

2209 N 99th Ave
Phoenix, Arizona


This week’s Track Tuesday takes us out to warm weather right in the heart of Arizona at Fear Farm R/C Raceway in Phoenix.  Fear Farm features a huge outdoor dirt track managed and taken care of by Arizona R/C Racers(AZRCR) with hours from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Saturdays and from 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Sundays. Although the tracks consistently hosts national championships and well received races, Fear Farm is not a track for newcomers and novices to be intimidated by; AZRCR’s mission statement emphasizes greatly on a family-friendly experience for all levels of drivers but most importantly, on having fun. Hosting various year round events with awesome sponsoring, Fear Farm is a track that many experienced and novice R/C racers have come to know and love; but if you haven’t gotten a chance to visit, we highly recommend you to and surely you’ll be another to fall head over heals for Fear Farm.

AZRCR at Fear Farm R/C Raceway Track
Dark nights have met their match with Fear Farm’s perfectly lit track.

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  1. I see conflicting info about the existence of this track. Is this track avaible for use ? It’s a long drive to get there from where I live.
    Thanks. Mike

    • Conflicting info is correct, sir! The track indeed still exists, but it is a mere fragment of what it once was. Under new ownership, perhaps twice since the DNC days, there is only one track, and it is mainly for 1/5 scale use. Some 1/8 nitro folks practice–and maybe race?–there, but mainly, it’s 1/5 scale only. Track is ill-maintained; wish it was so much better. Phoenix desperately needs good tracks run like actual businesses where the money paid goes to quality.

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