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Track Tuesdays: Leisure Hours Raceway

Leisure Hours Raceway

What could be more important to an RC racer than their RC itself? Well, probably not much… but, coming in at a close second place is certainly our local track we have the pleasure of calling “home.” Whether this is a simple track torn into our backyard or the local track carefully planned and taken care of, they serve a very important aspect in fulfilling a RC racer’s passion: a place to practice and have fun. Every Tuesday here at RC Driver we’ll be featuring a local track known as home to its local RC racers and RC enthusiasts. Ever wonder what other tracks out of town are like? Or do you ever want your home track to be seen and known by other RC racers? Then make sure to read the latest Track Tuesday feature. Your local home track might be the next up!

Leisure Hours Raceway

Just about an hour outside of Chicago, Track Tuesdays is in Joliet, Illinois to check out Leisure Hours Raceway. Now, don’t be fooled by the name and think LHR is just a laid-back track with not much to it, because you’d be in for quite a surprise if you did. Leisure Hours Raceway is currently working their way towards their 11th anniversary after just hitting a 10 year landmark this past December. LHR’s growing history is undoubtedly warranted considering the facility hosts three large tracks: an indoor off-road, an outdoor off-road, and an outdoor on road track, along with a huge heated/cooled pit room and a 50 foot covered driver’s stand too. This track may represent the relaxed times in the day one gets to take a breather and enjoy their hobby, but they’re certainly showing their seriousness in RC racing! Now, along with the race facility, Leisure Hours also operates a fully stocked hobby store also located in Joliet, IL with everything RC plus “models, rockets, and games” too; but, the cherry on top is Leisure Hours Hobbies offer to have parts delivered ready to go at the track if requested with 24 hr notice. This mid-western track is definitely worth a detour if you’re in the area; so if you get a chance to stop by, don’t miss out!

Contact Information

Track: LeisureHoursRaceway.com

Hobby Shop: LeisureHours.com

Leisure Hours Raceway Facebook Page

Tel: 815-722-1330


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