Wednesday, November 29, 2023

RCD Stuff

From RC Driver Issue: 133

TAMIYA tamiyausa.com ATTACK 2.4 4-CHANNEL RADIO SYSTEM The name Tamiya Attack has a long history in our hobby and it surfaces again with a state of the art 2.4 GHZ 4-channel surface transmitter and receiver. Designed for any vehicle that can benefit from 4-channel operation (Including several of the Tamiya trucks). The Attack comes complete with transmitter, receiver and complete instructions. Part number: 7255252, Price: $270.00TAM-7255252-attack-2-4ghz-sysW
DURATRAX duratrax.com ONYX P4191 CHARGER Chargers are the unsung heroes of our RC hobby. We take them for granted and expect them to last forever! Duratrax Onyx chargers are well known for their low price point and long living qualities and the P4291 should have all of those qualities in a compact package. Operating equally well on 12V or 110 wall plug in, it’s equipped to do it all charging at 1, 2 or (on 12V) 4 amps. Part number: P4191, Price: $24.99DTX-p1191-onxy-110w
COW RC cowrc.com SMALL PIT MATS Cow RC is a fairly new name to the RC world and they not only have a slightly left of center name but some really nice products that are a bit out of the ordinary. Due to the modular nature of their manufacturing process, it’s easy to put together a pit mat that is uniquely yours and at whatever size is appropriate. The mats shown here are great examples of arranging pit bins exactly as you want them. Small and medium are shown! Of course they’re magnetic to keep stuff where you left it! Part number: SCPT (5” x 5”), Price: $6.99COWRC-pit-mats-smallw
DROMIDA RC dromida.com SC4/18 ALUMINUM SHOCK AND SHOCK TOWER KIT Nothing improves the durability and strength of a truck like aluminum. These finely crafted shocks, springs and shock towers from Dromida will do all of the above and improve the looks of your SC4/18 at the same time! Part number: DIDC1172, Price: $54.99DROMIDA-didc1172-sc4-18-shk-kitW
PRO-LINE RACING prolineracing.com 1/10-SCALE CAR STAND This great looking MX styled car stand from Pro-Line is designed for 1/10-scale cars and trucks. This stand offers grommets to protect your chassis from scratches and four holes to hold shocks. Powder coated for durability and great looks. Part number: 6258-00, Price: $34.95PROLINE-625800-1-10-car-standW
OUTERWEARS www.outerwears.com LOSI DESERT BUGGY XL PRE FILTER Outerwears produces some of the most useful products for keeping dirt out of our RC vehicles. The filter shown is for the newly released Team Losi Desert Buggy XL and increases the effectiveness of the stock filter by trapping larger particles before they reach it. These particles tend to flake off and as a result it’s very hard to ‘plug’ an Outerwears product! Part number: 20-2873, Price: $16.95OUTERWEARS-20287301w

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