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Traxxas Announces Classic Chevrolet Blazer Bodies

Traxxas announces Classic Chevrolet Blazer bodies for the TRX-4. The two new bodies are the ’69 and ’72 Blazer bodies that are perfect fit on the TRX-4 platform or other crawlers and trail trucks.

Traxxas Announces Classic Chevrolet Blazer Bodies

Classic Style with TRX-4 Capability

Traxxas Announces Classic Chevrolet Blazer BodiesFans of early off-road sheet metal will instantly recognize these Chevrolet Blazer bodies. Traxxas combines the classic style of the Chevrolet Blazer and the off-road capability of the TRX-4 for these highly detailed RC replica bodies. Both bodies feature unique grilles, light lenses, bumpers, and body mounts for easy installation onto your 312 mm wheelbase TRX-4. LED Lighting Kits coming soon to bring even more scale looks to your truck.

New Blazer Body Kits are a Direct Fit on These Models

Traxxas TRX-4 Sport

The new Blazer bodies are designed to fit the 312 mm wheelbase TRX-4 models listed below. For longer wheelbase models like the Defender, Traxxas offers a convenient chassis conversion kit with all the necessary hardware.

  • TRX-4 Blazer
  • TRX-4 Bronco
  • TRX-4 G 500
  • TRX-4 Sport
  • TRX-4 Sport Kit
  • TRX-4 Chassis Kit

Click here to discover the entire TRX-4 line-up.


Technology and Convenience of the TRX-4/TRX-6

Traxxas TRX-4 chassis.

The Traxxas TRX-4 and TRX-6 set the standard for RC technology with a host of features not found anywhere else. Your Traxxas TQi transmitter unlocks the full power and potential of your these trucks with convenient controls at your fingertips. Flick the red rocker switch to engage the high/low transmission for rock crawling torque when you need it and high speed power when you want it. The T-Lock differentials lock and unlock with a flick of the toggle switch for ultimate traction. Press the Set button to engage Cruise Control and your truck will continue driving without any throttle input. Click here to learn more about these and other convenience features.

Traxxas Announces Classic Chevrolet Blazer Bodies

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