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Traxxas Bigfoot – What You Need to Know

The Bigfoot Monster Truck! How cool does that look! The perfect way to battle your buddies in a backyard bash fest! Traxxas has released yet again an awesome looking truck that will deliver tons of excitement for those looking to drive an RC car for pure thrill and fun.

The new Bigfoot is based on Traxxas’ proven Stampede chassis design with features like:

  • High clearance chassis
  • Metal gear drivetrain
  • Waterproof electronics
  • Plush durable suspension

These features and more make up a machine that will get you into RC hobby successfully if you’re a newbie but the Bigfoot is also a fun, worry-free basher for the RC expert.

Traxxas delivered both styles of Bigfoot to our office, the Firestone Blue and Summit Racing silver truck so it was time for another backyard basher challenge with my twin boys. If there is anyone that can put these trucks to the test, its my kids…ready set go!

Traxxas Bigfoot RTR

My Opinion

The Bigfoot is based on the Stampede chassis. I’ve said it about a million times before, “I love this truck design.”

And I still do! The suspension soaks up the bumps of the backyard and handles jumps with ease. The tuff parts can handle rough tumbles and the waterproof electronics make romping in the mud worry free. The Bigfoot certainly has a cool look and the complete RTR package makes it easy for anyone to get into.

WHO IT’S FOR: Anyone
PART NUMBER: 36084-1
BUY NOW: http://amzn.to/2odoia2

Let’s Play

If you’re an avid follower of RC Driver, you probably already guessed my feelings about the Traxxas Bigfoot and you’re probably aware of what my twin boys would think of these trucks too. If you’re just picking up the magazine for the first time, I’ll bring you up to speed; we love these trucks!

Bigfoot Delivers the Fun! First Dad took the trucks out for a spin in front of the camera. The Traxxas Bigfoot delivers the fun without a doubt. When I set the truck down, I immediately started ripping back and forth in the loose gravel driveway of the park we were in.

A dust cloud rose off the rear tires as I ripped down the lane. Rocks were flying and I even heard my photographer yell he was sprayed with sand.

Step back, I’m going wild!Traxxas Bigfoot  I then headed over to the BMX track to send the Bigfoot off of some jumps. A small table top was a lot of fun. I’d hit the face of the jump at full throttle sending bigfoot in the air. It would land of top of the table top on all four wheels with a loud clatter from the body.

Acceleration and Speed I did all of my testing with a Traxxas Power Cell LiPo pack, so there was plenty of acceleration and lots of fun top end speed. In the corners, there was some push off power and much more on power. The front of the truck feels like it gets light so I can see why it’s so pushy, but push is better for beginners than a frustrating hook.

Kid Tested, Dad Approved! Later that day, I headed home with both trucks and planted a TQi radio in each of my kids hands and sent them into the backyard for some bashing fun. These two can bash! Actually they spend more time trying to host their own demo derby.

The Traxxas Bigfoottwo Bigfoots clashed on a number of occasions and there was even a clang as Logan hit my barbecue at full speed.

Their test session was fun and they managed to smash into every ball and toy truck in the yard with the toys taking some hard hits and the Bigfoot coming out with only minor scratches.

The kids were thrilled with the Bigfoots and then promptly asked for new batteries so they could keep playing.  Each time, they seem to have more and more fun.

Traxxas really produces machines that are great for getting people into the hobby. My boys were also able to put their LiPo batteries on charge (with my supervision of course) on the new Traxxas ID Dual charger. It was so simple, I think even they were surprised.

+ High ground clearance is perfect for bashing
+ Time tested chassis design handles abuse
+ Waterproof electronics for all weather fun
+ Cool Bigfoot replica bodies
+ Parts are readily available
– Would like to see Hex hardware used

Feature Breakdown

Traxxas Bigfoot ChassisSteering and Suspension

The base of the truck is the venerable Stampede design that many in the bashing world of RC love. The fiberglass composite chassis is tub-like with the battery running down the center with a single front strap to retain the pack.

The steering servo bolts right in the center up front and has a large spring loaded servo saver that swings adjustable steering tie-rods. Blue skid braces span from the front and rear sections to the chassis for support.

Up front, both trucks get stubby bar style bumpers and in the rear a cage-like bumper offers protection for the motor and transmission.

Traxxas Bigfoot Traxxas Bigfoot

The front end uses composite suspension arms and solid upper links and steering for a stout, no-fuss setup to handle off-road abuse.

The suspension arms are secured to the bulkhead with screw style hinge pins as well as the outboard carriers.

Big Bore Traxxas composite body shocks damp the truck’s suspension both front and rear with firm springs to absorb the shock after landing big jumps.

A plastic shock tower secures to the chassis and transmission in the rear and bulkhead up front to support the long travel shocks. The hubs, caster blocks and steering knuckles on the truck are all composite plastic with steel hardware and pins, which are easy to replace if your RC adventures get a little too wild.

Traxxas Bigfoot DRIVETRAIN

The drivetrain in the Bigfoot is also a time proven setup. Inside the composite gear case is a system of metal gears from the diff gear and its internal planetary gears to the idler and even the top shaft.

Everything rolls on ball bearings for smooth operation. A slipper clutch developed for the big power Traxxas Revo handles the power to the driveline.

Sending power to the wheels are telescoping slider shafts supported by bronze bushings. The bushings keep costs down and won’t seize up like a bearing if you are running in water and mud, but they do wear so keep them greased when performing maintenance on the truck.

Traxxas BigfootBody and Wheels

The Bigfoot comes in two body flavors, the Firestone Blue Truck and Summit Racing Silver scheme. The body has some cool, aggressive styling just like the real truck and Traxxas has secured much of the licensing for an authentic look.

Off-set diameter wheels have a silver dish look on one side and have large suspension clearance on the other. The chevron tread mimic’s the custom cut tire look of a real monster truck.

Traxxas BigfootTraxxas Bigfoot
Control for the Bigfoot is handled by the Traxxas TQi radio system with electronic trim functions and dial knob.

A high torque waterproof servo takes care of the steering and an XL-5 waterproof brushed motor speed control pumps power from the RTR’s 8.4V battery to the 550 12T brushed motor.

A charger is even included! A 4-amp charger will plug right into your real cars accessory port for charging on the go. Also on the accessories list, Traxxas includes optional pinion for speed runs, extra shock clips to adjust the suspension, some spare body clips and a full instruction manual to help you get going successfully.

Traxxas Aluminum Steering Blocks, 3636A

Traxxas Aluminum Rear Axle Housing, 3652A

Traxxas Aluminum Shock Caps, 3767A

Traxxas Bigfoot

Traxxas Bigfoot

Our Rating Tally

Opinion: 8
Performance – Acceleration: 8
Performance – Steering: 7
Performance – Handling: 7
Performance – Durability: 8
Feature Breakdown: 9
Overall Value: 9


The Bigfoot is fun! The Bigfoot is tough! The Bigfoot is easy for anyone to drive! Traxxas nailed the styling with the new Bigfoot body on a proven ready to run chassis.

So far the two machines you see on these pages have delivered hours of fun to my kids. They love taking the trucks into the backyard, running them in dirt, over jumps and in the leaves.

What’s better is I don’t have to worry about them bashing the trucks. I know the machines can handle it and I can relax and focus on spending time with my kids rather than spending time telling them how to drive or treat the truck. Rear wheel drive monster trucks are pure fun and if that’s all you want with some cool replica styling on top, the Traxxas Bigfoot is the truck that can deliver.

Traxxas Bigfoot

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By Greg Vogel

Traxxas, traxxas.com


  1. I received my Bigfoot but charger was not usable as the plugs did not match the battery plug. So I had to spend more money before I could charge the battery.

  2. How do I make it last longer?

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