Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Traxxas Aton & TQi Transmitter Phone Mount Product Focus

We have a great time driving and tuning our Traxxas vehicles at the RC Driver workshop and we’ve installed plenty of option accessories on those cars and trucks over the years. But there are only a few option accessories for the radio. We’ve installed a Link Module in our TQi radio which gave us the ability to tune and see information via our phone using the Traxxas Link App, but that phone was always in our pocket or the tailgate of our SUV. Traxxas now offers another accessory for the TQi transmitter (and Aton radio) to make seeing and using your phone (with app) a better experience. The Traxxas Transmitter Phone Mount adapts easily to the aforementioned radios and installs in just seconds. If you’re tired of reaching into your pocket to pull out your phone in order to use the Link App, you’ll want to take a look at this transmitter phone mount.

Product: Transmitter Phone Mount
By: Traxxas
Part Code: 6532
Price: $15
Link: https://traxxas.com/news/new-product/transmitter-phone-mount

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