Friday, March 31, 2023

Traxxas TRX-4 Land Rover Defender Painting & Detailing Tips

The Traxxas TRX4 scale and trail crawler was immediately popular with its release and its fan base is growing stronger by the day. That also means a lot of TRX-4 owners are looking to customize their machine to perform for their driving style and of course altering the look to fit their taste. For those who have been rocking the stock out of the box body, your color choices are Red or Silver and well you can’t have your rig looking like the rest right? In this video, we tackle painting a clear Traxxas Land Rover Defender body so we can have our own unique color scheme and on top of it, have clear windows too! We show more than just painting here. We also go over all of the components that make up this highly detailed body. A lot of work goes into putting one of these together and we’ll even show off the optional LED lights. Once it’s done, we’ll show you the rig on the trails for the first time with it’s new look. Want to customize your Traxxas TRX-4? We hope this video inspires you to do so!

Body, Land Rover Defender- 8011
LED Light Set- 8030
Fuel Canister, White- 8022X
Jack- 8023
Fender Flares- 8017
Grill, Land Rover Defender- 8013
Fender Brace- 8019
Mirrors- 8020
Roof Basket- 8015
Spare Tire Mount- 8021
ExoCage, Defender- 8016
Fenders- 8018
Assembled Tire & Wheel- 8272
2.5x8mm Cap Screw- 3965
4mm Flange Nut- 3647
2.5x12mm Cap Screw- 3236
2.5mmx6 Cap Screw- 3215
3x10mm Button Screw- 2577
3x8mm Button Screw- 2576
2x8mm Cap Screw- 2564
2.5x8mm Button Screw- 2617

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