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Tips To Get Your Ride Featured with Pro-Line Accessories

Want to be featured on Pro-Lines website? We have some tips to help you get there.

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Pro-Line Racing is one of those companies that are very in touch with their customers. They regularly hold all sorts of contests and giveaways, and love to feature their user’s rides on their own website and even host giveaways from time to time. At RCDriver we love companies that interact with our great community to keep the passion alive and exciting.

With all that being said, it should come to no surprise that right now Pro-Line is looking to feature your rides on their blog and even have some nice prizes to give away. Now obviously they want to see some of their products being shown in it’s glory and that is where we come into help. Pro-Line keeps releasing products so quickly that sometimes it is hard to keep up! In this article we wanted to highlight some killer products that can help you get featured on their website. Even if getting featured on the site isn’t your end goal, these products will help your vehicle stand out from the rest. We wanted to stick with a scale/crawler theme, since accessorizing scale rigs is one of the most fun parts of our hobby right now!

Hit The Body Shop!
Now obviously the most noticeable part of any scale rig is the body, so you better be sure yours is up to the task. Thankfully we have many options here, it used to be that you had a very small selection in the scaler world, and without shoehorning custom body shells you are out of luck. We have selected a few standout body shells that would look good on a variety of crawling/trailer platforms. Keep in mind these bodies require painting, but that is half of the fun!

Ambush Body with Ridge-Line Trail Cage
The Ambush body has been a very popular shell for Pro-Line and with great reason, it rocks! We love the detailed interior, and the ability to mount on any 12.3” (313mm) wheelbase truck. The newest release now contains the Ridge-Line Trail Cage, which absolutely brings this body to life. The cage has been modeled after full scale trucks, and helps the Ambush body look more “modern” compared to the older body shell. One great thing about cages are that they are so easily able to accept scale accessories, from lights to water coolers (more on that later). Back to the interior, not only is their the front dash and seats, but there is a rear gas tank molded and even a trunk for adding whatever you may desire. We really like how this body shell is such an open canvas for accessories, which is half the fun!

If you haven’t checked out Pro-Line’s YouTube channel in awhile, they posted an excellent video showing the body in action and highlighting some of the details. Pro-Line’s YouTube Channel

Part: 3505-00
Link: https://www.prolineracing.com/bodies/ambush-clear-body-trail-cage-crawlers/

Sumo Body
Sometimes being different is what you need to stand out of the pack and Pro-Line has you covered with the Sumo body with has been designed for smaller scalers (think ECX Barrage sized). We guarantee that you will not find anything more quirky on the market today in this segment. This body is loaded with all sorts of fun details that allow for multiple levels of customization (see a theme here?). This body is a sort of modified Sumo with the hardtop removed, giving tons of access for anything you can imagine. Feel free to load up the rear with Pro-Line accessories, toy figures, or anything your mind can imagine.

Part: 3501-00
Link: https://www.prolineracing.com/bodies/sumo-clear-body/

1991 Toyota 4Runner Body
The Toyota 4Runner is still by today’s standards one of Toyota’s most capable off-roaders which is why it is such a timeless design. There are plenty of old ones still kicking around, both on the roads and on the trails which is why the ‘91 is such a perfect model to base a body shell off of. As with most Pro-Line bodies, this Toyota is fully licensed so you know it will be a faithful recreation of the original right down to the included decals. Even though this is an SUV style body, there is plenty of room for customization, and we think the roof rack looks absolutely killer on the 4Runner. It fits practically any 12.3″ vehicle and looks great even with the most basic of paintjobs.

Part: 3481-00
Link: https://www.prolineracing.com/bodies/1991-toyota-4runner-clear-body/

1985 Toyota HiLux SR5 Body (Cab + Bed)
At the risk of appearing to be Toyota fanboys, our last pick for bodies is the timeless Hilux. Even though the Hilux name has been dropped in North America, this light duty truck has been a staple in the off-road world. It was very cheap to maintain and seemed to last forever making it not only a fun truck, but a very durable work truck as well. Ask around and everyone remembers the 80’s Hilux and probably has some fun stories to share as well. This body reminds us of the old Tamiya radio control kit, which unfortunately goes for a pretty penny nowadays. So why not build a modern version on any standard 12.3” crawler chassis. Plus with the open bed and roof room there is plenty of room to customize this body to your heart’s content. Plus it comes with all of the cool iconic 80’s styling within the included decals.

Part: 3466-00
Link: https://www.prolineracing.com/bodies/1985-toyota-hilux-sr5-clear-body-cab-bed/

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize
I don’t know about you, but we at RCDriver find that half of the fun of a scale build involves cramming as many miniature replicas of items you would find in a full scale off-roader. Often the challenge with rc is that it can be difficult to source such items at such a small scale, while remaining durable enough for trail crawling. Pro-Line is fantastic in this department as they offer tons of accessories and often come in convenient packs to help you get going. Many of these will not break the bank either, most of these clock in around 20 bucks at your retailer of choice.

6″ Super-Bright LED Light Bar Kit 6V-12V (Curved)
Full scale off-roaders need extra lighting so they don’t get stranded out on the trail at night. So why not give your RC rig the same capabilities and not let the darkness get in your way of crawling and bashing? This LED kit is insanely bright and can absolutely light the way if you decide to run at night, and looks the part as well. Another great feature is that the light bar runs off of either 6V power (can be plugged directly into your RX and run of your ESC’s BEC), or there is an option of powering it via a small 3S LiPo for extra brightness. The 6” curved bar should fit most 1/10th scale rigs and even looks great on a Slash or monster truck.

Part: 6276-02
Link: https://www.prolineracing.com/performance-parts/6in-led-lightbar-curved

Scale Recovery Tow Strap with Duffel Bag
Ever get stuck crawling and wish you had scale looking method to rescue yourself? The Pro-Line scale recovery strap is an excellent accessory that looks the part on basically any off-roader. It even comes with a small duffel bag for storage of the strap that really brings the whole package together with the scale look. Throw it on a roof rack or truck bed and you are good to go whenever you want to snap that cool picture of your car being rescued! Don’t worry about durability either, this thing is solid and should last you longer than your vehicle does.

Part: 6314-00
Link: https://www.prolineracing.com/performance-parts/scale-recovery-tow-strap-with-duffel-bag/

Scale Accessory Assortment #9
Pro-Line has tons of small accessory kits (if the #9 didn’t give it away already) that package a few scale like accessories that look killer on your rig or garage diorama. Really each kit has sort of a theme, and we really like almost all of the kits on sale. But one that really stands out as a winner is the “#9” kit as anyone who has gone off-roading can really relate. What better after a long day of trailing to set up the grill and relax with some adult beverages? This kit has a super scale look and includes a grill, propane tank, and keg. These products look fantastic and have an extra level of detail that you expect from Pro-Line, but let the picture speak for itself.

Part: 6106-00
Link: https://www.prolineracing.com/performance-parts/scale-accessory-assortment-9/

Rectangular Scale Off-Road Tubular Roof Rack
If you are running a large enough body shell, nothing beats Pro-Lines rectangular roof rack. This offers tons of cargo space for whatever accessories you can imagine. And of course it looks super scale and from our experience if you get the angle of the photo right, hard to tell that this isn’t the real deal. It includes all of the mounting hardware needed so there is no custom work to speak of. It even includes a method of mounting off-road lights to further add to the scale effect. Out of all the products, this roof rack is a must have on anyone’s scale rig.

Part: 6084-00
Link: https://www.prolineracing.com/performance-parts/rectangular-scale-off-road-tubular-roof-rack/

New Rims for the Win
Now that we have all of body and accessory needs out of the way, really all that is left is the wheels and tires. Since the tire choice will be largely up to the user and what surface they will be running on, we wanted to highlight the different wheel options that Pro-Line offers. We are sticking to the 1.9” size which is more for the scale side of things and the two offerings highlighted are beadlocks, so they can be used over and over when it is time to change tires.

Pro-Forge FaultLine 1.9″ Gun Metal Aluminum/Black Bead-Loc 6 Lug Wheels
We love the gunmetal look in general, and the FaultLine aluminum wheels look absolutely stunning with this color combination. Not only do you get the added weight benefits of using aluminum, but they are fully adaptable to any standard crawler being that it has a 6 lug design. They are CNC machined for the ultimate in durability and they pair well with Pro-Line’s offset hex adapters (Part: 6292-00). They also offer the wheels in a pure aluminum/black bead combo if it fits your color scheme better than the gunmetal version. All hardware (except any necessary hex adapters) are supplied, which includes the cast black bead-loc rings.

Part: 2764-02
Link: https://www.prolineracing.com/wheels/pro-forge-faultline-1-9-gun-metal-anodized-aluminum-black-bead-loc-6-lug-front-or-rear-wheels/

FaultLine 1.9″ Black/Black Bead-Loc 10 Spoke Front or Rear Wheels
It is completely understandable if aluminum bead-locs are out of your budget range so here is a more cost effective option. This is a similar style to the previously mentioned rims, only instead of aluminum the wheel is comprised of a durable plastic. The bead-loc rings are still metal however and these mount just as any other bead-loc rim onto any standard 1/1 sized scaler. The simple clean look is easy to pull off with most body shell colors and types.

Part: 2748-15
Link: https://www.prolineracing.com/wheels/faultline-1.9-black/black-bead-loc-10-spoke-front-or-rear-wheels/

Wrap Up
Hopefully we have given you inspiration and ideas on how to spruce up your scaler and get it ready for some killer photography. Now get your crawler, grab your phone and get out there! If you have a shot worth posting be sure to send it to Pro-Line for a chance to be featured on their website, and who knows you may end up winning prizes along the way. Click here to submit your photo!

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