Saturday, June 15, 2024

Yokomo MD 1.0 Master Drift High-End Drift Chassis

Announced is the Yokomo MD 1.0 Master Drift high-end drift chassis which is a culmination of the vast experience that Yokomo has gained over the years.

Yokomo MD 1.0 Master Drift High-End Drift Chassis

From the drivetrain to the suspension, the MD 1.0 has been designed to meet the demands of drift experts and incorporates the functions and structure required for drift driving.

Graphite suspension arms, the first ever used in a drift car, symbolize the MD 1.0’s goal to be a high level drift racing machine. The suspended suspension system offers significant advantages for drift cars. Despite its simple shape, the suspension alignment allows for greater freedom in setting up the car’s width, skid angle, and roll center.

The drivetrain is a high-precision design held in place by an aluminum bulkhead. The kit comes standard with a positive-torque 3-gear transmission, but by adding a counter gear and reconfiguring it, a 4-gear anti-torque version can be used, allowing the traction balance to be set according to the driving style.

Despite its slim and simple appearance, the MD 1.0 is a true racing drift machine with a wide range of options.

PLEASE NOTE: These photos show a prototype of the MD 1.0 with 3D printed parts. The production car will be molded from high-quality plastic composites.

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